The history of Unitemps

This year, we are celebrating a major milestone: our 20th birthday. Unitemps launched at the University of Warwick in 1997, providing a solution for students looking to gain more from their student experience. Namely, opportunities to earn during their studies, to learn new skills and gain experiences that would enhance their employability prospects upon graduating. This system also added real benefits for the universities and local businesses. We dug out some old photos and reminisced about how we started and how much we’ve grown.

Starting out at Warwick

Unitemps is owned and managed by the University of Warwick and so the first branch was opened at its campus in 1997. 

Setting up office at Millennium Point

2005 saw us opening our second office for our Warwick branch at Millennium Point, Birmingham. This opened up opportunities for students further afield who were interested in working in the Warwickshire area, and vice versa. 

The beginning of our franchises

Five years later, we started taking our unique service to other universities around the UK and found that our recruitment solutions were in need at universities. The University of Nottingham became our first franchise in 2010 and we have signed up 14 more universities since then. The University of Salford in Manchester became the latest UK University to open a Unitemps franchise in 2017. The franchise solution has saved eleven universities £7.5 million on VAT between 2016-17 and our franchises are reaching out to help the local community.

Going global

We knew that UK institutions benefited from our streamlined recruitment service and that it added to the university experience for many students – so why not elsewhere? We took the idea to Griffith University on the Gold Coast of Australia and the first Australian franchise launched there in 2016. Now, La Trobe University is soon to be joining our global franchise network. Our international presence means that students in other countries can increase their employability prospects but also, UK and Australian students can seize opportunities to travel and work abroad. 

We now provide temporary employment for students at fifteen universities across the UK and Australia. 

These include the University of Warwick, University of Roehampton, the University of Nottingham. University of Surrey, City University of London, Staffordshire University, University of Leicester, De Montfort University, University College Birmingham, Canterbury Christ Church University, Middlesex University, University of Salford, Griffith University, and La Trobe University.

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