Catching up with Elnaz Sedighara

Whilst studying for her masters in International Relations at the University of Nottingham, Elnaz worked for Unitemps, which has given her the grounding to now start her own business in supporting non-British nationals in the UK.

Despite having the knowledge and skills developed from her undergraduate degree, upon arriving in England to start her Masters, she realised she had no work experience in England to support it. When going to visit the Careers Department within her university, she was directed to Unitemps where she gained a wealth of experience and also earned some money!

During her time as a Unitemps candidate, Elnaz worked mainly within the university between 8 different departments. From graduation ceremonies to working with the admissions office, her work proved important in gaining contacts and skills to kick start her own venture.

She comments: “Working within universities is very valuable in a business sense, as you can understand how large organisations run on a daily basis, how to put on large events and you learn to work to meet the expected high standards of your colleagues and the institution”. The work she was given also helped her to deal with the stress of exam season; her roles were often fast-paced so she had to learn to work under pressure.

Since graduating from university, Elnaz went on to work as a Legal Assistant in a Law firm, which she would have found difficult to do without the experiences she gained through working for Unitemps. Her office is based within the University of Nottingham Business School, so she often sees her old hiring managers from her Unitemps work, who are now her colleagues and vital contacts.

Elnaz recommends Unitemps to anyone who is looking for work or work experience, especially international students. She states: “As an international student I didn’t have a deep understanding of the legal requirements for working in the UK. Unitemps helps deal with all of these issues as their team can help you find work that is suited to you and your situation”. This is what led Elnaz to start her own business, offering a simple easy framework of advice for non-British nationals wishing to study and work in the UK, helping them understand and enjoy their UK experience more. She is now hiring her own employees through Unitemps to boost her business and offer her clients the best advice!