Unitemps: a student perspective - Viktoriya-Azemina Balijagic, Middlesex University

Viktoriya-Azemina studies International Politics and Law at Middlesex University and told us about how she has the used the Middlesex branch of Unitemps to find work that fits in around her studies.

When one is a student, he or she usually has a lot on their plate. From classes and assessments to searching for a job and paying the bills, life has become more complicated and tiresome for us in recent years. I moved to London in September 2016 with £200 in my pocket. I had a friend from high school living here who took me in, but the struggle started from the very beginning. As well as university was going, work was not. Everywhere I looked I was either too inexperienced or they couldn’t accommodate my schedule. On the verge of giving up, I found out about Unitemps and the Employability team in Middlesex University.

After signing up and going through the verification process, I was greenlighted to work. The benefits which came with Unitemps were unbelievable. I could not only manage my working hours to my busy academic schedule but the jobs were local which meant that I would save on travel expenses and hours lost in traffic. Furthermore, the jobs are accessible to everyone since they can all be seen on the website. The opportunities were endless, from a Junior Student Ambassador to a Student Employability Ambassadors within months of signing up.

Working in association with the university through Unitemps does not only benefit your CV and finances, it helps you develop connections with peers, lecturers and other individuals connected to a profession you might be interested in.  Unitemps is growing on a daily basis both in job opportunities online and the team on campus. It is shifting in order to accommodate the necessities of the students and to make sure every person gets the help and support they need.

I am proud to be part of Unitemps and the change it brings to student employability opportunities. Unitemps is here to support you every step of the way, from registration to the selection process.

If you are looking for flexible work assignments to help support yourself while you study, register with Unitemps and start applying for jobs.