Tips for a successful video interview

Perhaps you're on holiday or you're simply based a long way from your prospective job, and you get a call or email inviting you to interview for your dream job. Live video calls mean that your chances of getting the job don't suffer because of where you are. However, there are a few things to note before going into your video interview as they can differ from your traditional face-to-face meetings; here are our tips for ensuring it goes smoothly.

Familiarise yourself with the technology

If you don't already have a login for the software in question, whether you're using Skype or another video messenger product, get set up well in advance. Check whether you will need to add your interviewers as a contact in order to accept or make a call. The last thing you want is to be waiting for your interview to commence but having no idea what your interviewers' contact details are and being unable to communicate. The best thing to do is practice video calling a friend or family member prior to the interview and resolve any technical problems, including issues with audio, before your interview.

Note time differences

If you're travelling, make sure you're clear on what time you are expected to be online for your interview. 2 pm in UK time, for example, would mean 6 am if you were on the beach in Los Angeles so be prepared for an early start, and to plan around any pre-existing plans. 

Think about your surroundings

Get your camera set up at a decent angle so that it replicates the set up of a regular, face-to-face interview. You should be close enough to the camera so that your interviewers can see your full profile and read your body language – but not so close it's uncomfortable. Try to set up in a blank, uncluttered space appropriate for the professional nature of the call. First impressions are everything so make this one count. 

Dress professionally

Just because your interview is taking place remotely and possibly in your own personal space, you should still dress smartly as though you have attended the interview in person. This will reinforce that you genuinely could not attend the interview in person but are committed to speaking to the interviewers, as opposed to coming off as non-committal.

Register with Unitemps and start searching for roles - if your next interview is held through video calling, we hope you now feel confident enough to give it a try.