The importance of building a career profile: new parents

Becoming a parent is life-changing, and falling back into your pre-parenthood routine might not be desirable, or as straightforward as you intend. Returning to work may be more difficult than you anticipated and you might find you are reluctant to give up precious time at home. Of course, you could also find yourself keen to get back to the normality of working life. Whatever the circumstances, Unitemps offers a solution through its variety of flexible work opportunities in a wide range of industries.

If you are enjoying being a full-time parent but would be interested in working remotely, Unitemps can help bridge the gap between being present at home and easing back into working life.

Simialrly, if you find you’re not yet ready to work full-time by the time your maternity/paternity leave runs out, there could be something you are looking for in Unitemps’ range of flexible roles. Search by industry to find the right role that is a match for your skills and experience. The choice is yours whether you want to find a role that closely resembles your previous experience or this could be an opportunity to try something new in the interim. There is even potential to carve out an entirely different career for yourself entirely.

If and when you do wish to throw yourself back into full-time work, Unitemps remains a valuable service to consider. The skills and experience you gain in part-time roles ensure your employability is enhanced and can bring a new dimension to your profile that you wouldn’t necessarily have considered before.