Making the most of your internship

Internships are usually short and sweet but can also lead to permanent roles. Don’t underestimate the impact you could have during those months as an intern; here are five reasons you should view your internship as an opportunity to both learn and impress.

1. You will get an insight into a particular role

Perhaps your internship is giving you the chance to experience a role you've always wanted. Now is the time to ask questions and get stuck in at work. The months you spend as an intern in this role will give you an idea of whether this is an area you want to pursue as a career.

2. You might find a role that is perfect for you

While you gain insight into a certain department/role, it might be that you spend time working with colleagues in other roles, and seeing what they do every day could inspire you to follow a new path. It's no bad thing to wander 'off course' as trying a new tact could get you into a job that makes you glad to be at work on Mondays. Unitemps has a variety of temporary roles and internships that could let you find out what you're good at for yourself.

3. A small opportunity can lead to a big one

Internships provide so many opportunities that, even when working on smaller-scale projects, you have to approach them with enthusiasm and use the internship as an opportunity to showcase your skills. Your boss may be so impressed that he/she offers you a permanent position!

4. It will equip you with skills and experience to take to your next role

If your internship isn't what you thought it would be, try not become complacent. Make the most of every task and meeting, listen carefully to how your colleagues interact and work together. Picking up on essential people skills and knowledge about different job roles will give you an edge in your next application so make sure you're using your experience to further your career.

5. Enjoy the experience

Having a job with an end date in sight can be a curse and a blessing; on the one hand, knowing that your internship will inevitably come to an end can cause worry over what comes next but you can also look forward to using this experience to move on to the next step professionally, hopefully with some new-found wisdom about the job market. If you find yourself at a loose end, temping can act as a bridge between your internship and your next job role. You can take on different roles to fit in with your life and commitments while continuing to develop your CV and giving you more time to explore your options.

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