Earning while learning: the student experience at Unitemps

Christianah Babajide, a second-year Law student at City, University of London looks at how Unitemps adds to the student experience by providing opportunities for improving your employability, representing your university and gaining skills that can be transferred to a variety of roles.

University can be expensive so finding a part-time/temporary job is important for most students studying. During my time at university, I’ve had a variety of jobs through Unitemps, from representing my university, modelling for the Undergraduate Prospectus to giving campus tours and assisting on Applicant Days. Unitemps is a recruitment service for part-time and temporary work on campus. They offer interesting assignments, excellent rates of pay, holiday pay and complete flexibility around your studies. With Unitemps, you can earn money to fund your studies as well as gaining work experience and developing your skills for the graduate labour market. For this article, I have fleshed out 5 key benefits of working with Unitemps.

Represent your university

Many of the jobs advertised on Unitemps involve representing your university on and off campus. There are lots of opportunities to work as a Student Ambassador/Representative on Open Days, UCAS Fairs and even on Postgraduate Open Evenings. You have the chance to speak proudly about the historical developments and progression of your university to prospective students, all whilst getting paid for it! One of my favourite jobs was going out to schools/colleges and talking first-hand about my law degree whilst providing an overview of my university experience. The students found it much easier relating to student ambassadors because they are relatively close to their age group and will provide a genuine unscripted view of their university experience. I really enjoyed talking to the students one-on-one and being a small part of that huge decision-making process that is choosing a university.

Career prospects

Working at Unitemps significantly enhances employability. Unitemps doesn’t just offer temporary assignments, they also help to generate 6-week or longer paid internships, undergraduate, and graduate opportunities. These can morph into a job offer for the ideal candidate. Additionally, Unitemps provide practical help for student finances whilst allowing students to add skills to their CV, LinkedIn profiles and experience new roles that may be out of their comfort zone. For example, I had to give a speech on an Open Day about my student experience at City in front of a large group of people; this was terrifying at first but with hindsight, it improved my public speaking skills and boosted my confidence. The key transferable skills gained from these roles increase the student’s chances of finding employment once they have graduated which can improve an institution’s DLHE figures. Just to name a few, I have gained strong communication and interpersonal skills which are applicable to my chosen field, with regard to client interaction and being a people's person. 

Gain transferable skills

The benefits derived from working for Unitemps include improvements on study through greater self-confidence in my abilities, motivation and time management. Prior to working for Unitemps, I had poor time management skills and was not very punctual. However, since I began working for them I have become an expert at time keeping and can organise my time better. My various roles have bolstered my CV and helped me develop personally. I’ve had the opportunity to hone my people skills, such as communication and problem-solving skills, improve my telephone mannerisms, and learn how to be a good team player as well as how to work independently and take full responsibility for my work. With hindsight, I have really grown in self- confidence over the last two years through the different jobs I've taken on, by not focusing on the jobs in which I was weaker but where my key strengths lie.


Unique student experience

It goes without saying that working at Unitemps has enhanced my student experience on campus. Through giving campus tours and being informed about the university, I have been able to navigate my way to seminars quicker and have also learnt things about my university I didn’t know before (which has created a sense of pride). More importantly, I have made some solid friendships and connections during my years as a Student Ambassador. I have also had the chance to try out a variety of different jobs which have helped to develop my employability skills. In fact, my positive Unitemps experience has motivated me to apply to become a Senior Student Ambassador in my final year of study. Therefore, to conclude, being a student ambassador has been an immensely rewarding experience and I’d recommend it to anyone starting university.

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