Coping with rejection

Learning to dust yourself off and start again can be tough when your job searches seem to be going nowhere. We have put together a list of ways to stay motivated when your job search is dragging on and the chances of securing that interview seem hopeless. 

Inspire yourself 

Read case studies and get to know your peer's career journeys. Your friends' LinkedIn profiles might show highly successful careers but they were once in your shoes – looking at these career paths might inspire you to pursue other career paths you might not have considered before.

Take a break

It's important to keep up the momentum during your job search and establishing a routine to ensure you are being productive and applying for jobs as they arise – however, don't get too obsessed and ensure you are finding time for yourself too. Taking a step back might let you think about what you want and give you some perspective and will ultimately increase the productivity of your search.

Ask for feedback

If you've reached the interview stage, it can be crushing to hear you haven't been offered the role after getting your hopes up. Make the most of the experience and ask your interviewers to offer feedback via e-mail or on the phone – most people will be happy to do this and is a way to hear constructive criticism that you can use to improve your applications and job interviews in the future.

Go back to the drawing board 

Take time to go over your CV and covering letters – you should be making sure your covering letters are tailored to every job you apply for anyway, so if you have been unsuccessful, there is a chance that your covering letter and CV are not packing the punch you need them to. Take a look at our recent Twitter Live video, for example, to get tips on perfecting your CV and covering letter or even getting a friend to check it over can work wonders. 

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