Balancing work and exam prep

As exams approach, your schedule suddenly gets taken up by revision and study sessions. You can still find a happy medium between preparing for exams and taking on work experience or part-time jobs to boost your earnings. Here's how to get the balance right.

1. Apply for one-day assignments

By applying for low-commitment roles, you know in advance how much time you need to commit to work outside of your studies. This makes it easier to plan and manage and gives you a break from studying which can sometimes be important to help you regain your focus. Good examples for this type of work are event staff roles and student ambassador roles that are required to represent the university at specific events.

2. Work from home

Taking on assignments that can be completed from the comfort of your own home may be the perfect solution to fitting in work around your study time. Helping your university marketing team out by writing a student blog is a good example of how you can earn in a more flexible way.

3. Find short, regular hour jobs

You may work better knowing you have a have a reliable job that, at the same time, requires few hours of your time so you can more easily separate work from studying. This also means you would have to spend less time searching for suitable work as the assignment may be ongoing for several months. Admin and/or catering roles are good examples of work that has the potential for short yet regular hours – try searching on our website to see what's available.

4. Find a fixed-term assignment

A fixed-term assignment or internship over the holidays might be the way to go if you want to focus solely on studying during your exams. It makes sense to take advantage of your holiday time to gain experience and new skills and you won't need to worry about other commitments while trying to cram in some last-minute revision!

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