Do's and don'ts of social media
Recruiters can use social media, alongside your application, to check if you are the right fit for their company. Here are a few tips. Continue Reading

How to optimise your application
During your job search, you may find yourself using the same template for your application; don’t get stuck in a rut. Here is how to shake up your application for each role you apply for. Continue Reading

Top 10 Hacks to make your application stand out
If you search for application tips and tricks, you’ll be inundated with countless lists of how to make the best application. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Jennifer Todd, Marketing Officer at Warwick Employment Group (WEG)
Jennifer Todd had trecked all the way from South Africa before joining the Warwick Employment Group Marketing team through Unitemps and spoke to us about how her new role lets her live her new life to the fullest. Continue Reading

Developing your online brand: using LinkedIn
It really is very easy to set up and maintain a LinkedIn profile – follow our easy steps and impress potential employers during the application process by learning the art of skills selling. Continue Reading

Coming back to university
It's been one long hot summer (okay maybe not) but now is the time to re-focus and start preparing for a new academic year. Whatever your situation this semester, follow our tips to adapting to university life. Continue Reading

Senior Student Ambassador Case Study – Christianah Babajide
Christianah was promoted to Senior Student Ambassador at her university through Unitemps and spoke to us about how she settled into her new role in the marketing department and why she would recommend others to apply. Continue Reading

How to write a CV with no work experience
There are ways to frame the experience you have had so far – whether that’s in education, extra curricular activity, or simply having a passion for something – these are aspects that employers value. So, how can you showcase these qualities to the employer? Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Ben Murphy, Marketing Assistant at WEG
Ben recently joined the Warwick Employment Group Marketing team after working in a variety of Unitemps role. We hear his story: Continue Reading

Tips for a successful video interview
Live video calls mean that your chances at getting the job don't suffer because of where you are. However, there are a few things to note before going into your video interview as they can differ from your traditional face-to-face meetings; here are our tips for ensuring it goes smoothly. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Steven Blassberg, Marketing Assistant at WEG
Steven talks about how Unitemps has helped him gain valuable Marketing experience having just graduated from university. Continue Reading

Presenting in an interview
So, you've clinched the job interview – but now have to prepare for a short presentation that you have been asked to give during it. It's not as scary as it sounds and you can deliver an impressive presentation by following our tips. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Sam Steele, Web Developer at iWeb
Sam was able to land a permanent position after an internship at iWeb. This is his story... Continue Reading

Building the perfect CV: Utie's step-by-step guide
Even our Unitemps mascot Utie had tp start somewhere. Consult his CV to get tips on structure and formatting for your own. Continue Reading

Meet Zhuliyana Boyanova, City's Unitemp of the Year 2017
Zhuliyana, this year's Unitemp of the Year at City's awards ceremony, spoke to us about her experience of Unitemps. Continue Reading

Types of jobs at Unitemps
We recently analysed our job data to find out the top 10 industries that advertise on our site to give both an insight into both the number of jobs and range of roles on offer. Continue Reading

Top 10 reasons to temp in Australia
Now that Unitemps has launched in Australia, there is no need to put off working abroad or travelling any longer. Here are some of the reasons why temping in Australia is so appealing. Continue Reading

Coping with rejection
Learning to dust yourself off and start again can be tough when your job searches seem to be going nowhere. We have put together a list of ways to stay motivated. Continue Reading

Going back home for the summer
Consult our tips for both surviving a long summer at home with the parents or kids and how to make the most of your time off with our branches across the UK and Australia. Continue Reading

Earning while learning: the student experience at Unitemps
Christianah Babajide, a second-year Law student at City, University of London, reflects how Unitemps added to her student experience. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Rachel Durrant, Unitemps candidate at the University of Warwick
Rachel tells us how she gained valuable teaching experience through Unitemps with no formal teacher training - all whilst studying. Continue Reading

Balancing work and exam prep
Find out how to get a happy medium between preparing for exams and taking on part-time work. Continue Reading

How to get through an assessment
At your interview, you may get asked to take part in short assessment tasks in addition to your face-to-face interview, so here's what to expect in our guide. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Christianah Babajide, Unitemps candidate at City, University of London
We asked Christianah Babajide, second-year law student at The City Law School about her experience with Unitemps in roles as varied as Student Ambassador and Front desk Receptionist. Continue Reading

Tips for learning at work
To celebrate 'Learning at Work' week, we have put together tips to make the most of your work and continue to learn and develop. Continue Reading

How to avoid cover letter mistakes
Cover letters seem straightforward but there is an art to making them stand out - find out what to avoid. Continue Reading

Temping: myths vs reality
What are the most common myths surrounding temping? Our guide debunks them once and for all. Continue Reading

How to create a graphic CV
There are many ways of adding some visual flair to your CVs, even if just simple updates, that can get the attention of employers: find out what they are in this useful guide. Continue Reading

Tips for balancing work and study
Getting the balance right between your working and studying hours can be tricky - follow these tips to make sure your studies don't suffer. Continue Reading

Unitemps: a student perspective - Viktoriya-Azemina Balijagic, Middlesex University
Viktoriya-Azemina told us about how she has the used the Middlesex branch of Unitemps to find work that fits in around her studies. Continue Reading

From Undergrad to Intern: 7 weeks in
Jennifer Gwinnutt reflects on her time temping as Digital Marketing Intern at iWeb as the internship draws to a close and a career in digital marketing beckons. Continue Reading

How to progress at work
We explore the different ways to make sure you're on the right track and moving towards your career goals. Continue Reading

Making a good impression
You can spend hours preparing for that big interview, but don't forget about the small details that help you leave a great impression. Continue Reading

Transitioning into a cover role
Cover roles come with their own set of questions. Make sure you are prepared for it and make the most of the unique opportunities. Continue Reading

Stuck in a rut: knowing when to move on from your current role
Think it's time to reassess your career? Here are some signs that it could be time for a new challenge. Continue Reading

Making the most of your internship
Internships are usually short and sweet but can also lead to permanent roles. Here are five reasons you should view your internship as an opportunity to both learn and impress. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: X-Z
We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we have published in a handy A-Z guide. In the final week, we look at some X, Y and Z jargon. Continue Reading

Meet the recruiters: Roberto, Recruitment Consultant at Unitemps
Unitemps' Roberto discusses his role and how he can help you. Continue Reading

Perfecting your Unitemps application
We have pulled together the steps involved in the application process here at Unitemps so you know what to expect. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: U-W
We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing in a handy A-Z guide - this week, we look at U-W terms. Continue Reading

How to be confident in an interview
It is normal to feel nervous before a job interview but it's also important that you feel confident in yourself. Follow these tips and present your best self. Continue Reading.

Meet the recruiters: Natasha Carrolan, Recruitment Executive at Unitemps
Unitemps' Natasha discusses her role and how she can help you in your job search. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: R-T
We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing in a handy A-Z guide - this week, we break down R-T phrases. Continue Reading

Top ten CV clichés to avoid
A well-written CV can be your ticket to a job interview. Here are some phrases you could think about changing on your CV to make it catch employer's attention. Continue Reading

Find work after travelling
Travelling can give you a great perspective on what you want to do. On returning, however, you may still be in limbo so read our tips on adjusting to the work of work. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: O-Q
We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing in a handy A-Z guide - this week, we review O-Q terms. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Jennifer Gwinnutt, Digital Marketing Assistant at Interactive Web Solutions Ltd.
Jennifer tells us more about how Unitemps helped her on a new career path. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: L-N
We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing in a handy A-Z guide - this week, we look at L-N terms. Continue Reading

From Undergrad to Intern: 5 weeks in
Jennifer is now 5 weeks into her internship at iWeb - find out how Unitemps helped her find a career direction after graduating. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Susanne Pingree, Marketing Assistant at Warwick Employment Group (WEG)
We caught up with Susanne to find out about how temping helped her explore new avenues of marketing and business after moving from the UK from the United States. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: I-K
We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing weekly in a handy A-Z guide - this week, we look at jargon terms beginning with I, J and K. Continue Reading

From Undergrad to Intern: 3 weeks in
After graduating in the summer of 2016, via Unitemps Jennifer managed to secure a 3-month internship at iWeb. Follow her blog on how it is going so far. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: E-H
We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing weekly in a handy A-Z guide - this week, we tackle E-H words. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: B-D
We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing weekly in a handy A - Z guide. Continue Reading

6 ways to make your job hunt more fun
Job hunting can be a laborious and time-consuming task - avoid becoming overwhelmed by following these pointers. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Emma Sawyer, Advert Publisher at
We caught up with Emma Sawyer to find out about her experience temping at and her advice for anyone considering temping in the future. Continue Reading

Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: A-Z
We have collated some of the best buzzwords that will be published weekly in a handy A-Z guide. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Emma Marriott, Recruitment Consultant at Unitemps
We caught up with Emma Marriott to find out about her experiences working in a temp role as well as her advice for those thinking about temping in the future. Continue Reading

How temping can be fun
Whether you're paying your way through university or progressing up the career ladder, it's good to remember the aspects of temping that can let you grab life with both hands. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Martin Ward, Marketing Assistant at Warwick Employment Group (WEG)
We caught up with Martin Ward to find out about his temping experience and what advice he has for anyone thinking about temping in the future. Continue Reading

The different sides to temping
Temping is often linked to a whole range of misconceptions: in this article, we attempt to set the record straight on what being a 'temp' actually entails, what options there are for career progression and working around studies, other work or leisure. Continue Reading

Temp 1-2-1: Megan Caulfield, Marketing Assistant at Warwick Employment Group (WEG)
We caught up with Megan Caulfield to find out about her temping experience and what advice she has for anyone thinking about temping in the future. Continue Reading

New Year, new journey
2016 is over and the New Year offers a time for reflection and thinking about what the year ahead will bring. New Year's resolutions are often made and not kept; instead, here are some tips to help you begin a new journey in 2017. Continue Reading

How to enhance your student experience
Whether it's your first time living away from home or you're returning to study for a career change, the prospect of starting student life will no doubt be an exciting one. Here are some useful tips to make sure you get the most from your student experience. Continue Reading

Create a graduate CV
Before you can start applying for opportunities you will have to sit down and tackle your CV, making it employer-friendly and representative of who you are and what you can do. Consult our tips on how to create an impactful CV. Continue Reading

Top 10 temping tips
Temping can mean your first professional job or a role that adds to your exisitng skills and experience. Here are some top tips to finding success as a temp. Continue Reading

8 things everyone feels when they start a new job
You're bound to be excited to get started yet the first few weeks in a new job can often bring a new set of challenges that you haven't necessarily planned for. With the help of these tips, you'll be settling in to your new role in no time. Continue Reading

How to nail an interview
Getting invited for an interview is a fantastic achievement - you are now in the fortunate position of being able to present and sell yourself with the hope of receiving a job offer... Continue Reading

Top 10 reasons to temp
Temping allows you to make your working day exactly what you want to be. Whether you are looking for short-term work or you're ready to start your career, Unitemps has jobs that suit everyone... Continue Reading

4 steps to land an entry level position that requires years of experience
With high competition for graduate jobs, it's easy to feel disheartened when looking for work. Job applications are a lengthy process and finding ways to highlight your skills can be difficult... Continue Reading

4 ways to enjoy the sun whilst you job hunt
The summer is a precious thing (especially in the UK!), so when the sun eventually does come out it can be hard to stay focused when looking for work. Continue Reading

How Unitemps works with Student Services
If you are attending the AMOSSHE 2016 'Breaking Boundaries' conference, you might be interested to find out more about how Unitemps works with Student Services Continue Reading

Finding a summer job with Unitemps
With the summer holidays in sight, most students have the joys of daytime TV and questionable British weather to look forward to... Continue Reading

Why the Unitemps Franchise Model can benefit an institution
Unitemps is different to other employment services in both culture and model. Developed by the University of Warwick, Unitemps works on a ‘people not profit’ approach, unlike its commercial competitors. Continue Reading

Tips for a Successful Application
We have compiled some tips that will give you the best chance of securing a job through Unitemps in 2016. Continue Reading

Ben Rogers Interview
As part of our 'Branch Showcase' month, we visited Northampton Branch Manager Ben Rogers and asked him some questions. Continue Reading

Skills Shortage: An industry problem with a student solution
It has, in recent years, been widely acknowledged that the acute shortage of technically skilled workers in the UK has had a direct impact on the ability of engineering companies to fulfil the ever growing number of projects on their order books. Continue Reading

Questions you should ask at an interview
When you go to an interview it’s important that you have your own questions to ask at the end. Continue Reading

Three questions if you're unsure what to do next
Not sure what to do after you graduate? Answer these questions to help you decide. Continue Reading

Assessment Day Advice
Assessment days typically analyse your suitability for the specific job role you’ve applied for, assessing your abilities against the job specification and competencies through a number of different tasks. Continue Reading

How Unitemps helped me to start my own business
Catching up with Elnaz Sedighara. Whilst studying for her masters in International Relations at the University of Nottingham, Elnaz worked for Unitemps, which has given her the grounding to now start her own business. Continue reading

10 tips on how to ace a presentation
Whether you're asked to do a presentation as part of a job interview or as part of a team meeting, here is our advice on how to ace it. Continue reading

How to answer these common five tough interview questions
What is your biggest weakness? This is a very common question asked by interviewers but one that is very tricky to approach. Continue reading

10 tips on how to be successful at an interview
Face to face interviews can be very varied; it could be a generic question-answer format or you may be asked to do a presentation, role play, competency tests, group activities or written exercises. Continue reading

How to use social media to help you get a job
Finding a job is incredibly competitive so it’s a good idea to utilise as many channels as possible to build up your professional profile, on and offline. Continue reading

The do’s and don’ts of a telephone interview
Do - Prepare: Make sure you research into the company, think about the questions they may ask and make notes on how you’ll respond. Continue reading

5 tips for a successful covering letter
Now you have optimised your CV, it’s time to turn your attention to stage two in the job hunting process. Continue reading

10 tips to get your CV noticed
Recent reports have shown that CVs are now looked at for just 8.8 seconds before being thrown onto the yes or no pile; a process likened to Tinder. Continue reading