Working with Unitemps - Selin Keskin

Person Bio: I graduated from City, University of London in 2017 with a 1st class degree in BSc Business Studies. Since then, I have worked in the Careers Service at City as Micro-Placements Programme Coordinator in the Employer Engagement team. I coordinate The Micro-Placements Programme, an initiative that provides students an opportunity to take on short-term, exciting projects at an employer’s office in the summer.

Why did you start temping through Unitemps at City? As a former City student, I was looking a part-time/flexible work to fit around my studies and provide extra income to support me during my time as a student. I approached Unitemps due to the convenience of them being on campus, but also because I learned that they were a service that I felt had the students best interests at heart. The first role I applied for was a Marketing Student Ambassador role that fit the specification o the role I was looking for and I carried out this job for the duration of my Undergraduate degree. Moving forward, the simplicity of Unitemps Recruitment platform and the City student specific jobs role encouraged me to apply for further roles thereafter.

What kinds of roles have you taken on in your temping career through Unitemps at City? As mentioned before, my first role as a student was the Marketing Student Ambassador role and the convenience of it being on campus in a familiar environment allowed me to balance my education and work priorities well. Therefore other roles have also been City related such as providing support at the University Open days and Taster days and carrying out campus visits etc. After graduating, I approached Unitemps to build up my work experience and took on a temporary Marketing and Events role in City’s Careers Service and a pro

How did the flexibility of temping help you? The flexibility element was one of the main reasons why I approached Unitemps. As my University workload was intense, I did not want to commit to a job that was fixed and could not work around my studies. Therefore, the fact that many of the roles I took on through Unitemps were temporary and allowed me to choose the hours I would work enabled me to balance my studies with gaining valuable work experience and an income concurrently. In addition after graduating, the flexibility of the jobs offered allowed me to again build up my work experience and gain an insight in to different career paths I could take.

What skills has your role(s) through Unitemps given you? I have developed a number of practical skills that have been invaluable for me. The most important ones I would say is project management, administration, verbal and written communication, time management and organisational skills, but the list is endless!

If you could give temps one piece of advice, what would it be? Take full advantage of the Unitemps Service, particularly if you are a City student. There are a number of opportunities Unitemps source that are exclusive to City students which is very beneficial given the competitiveness of the job market. Build your experience and network as you never know where this role may take you. An internship that was meant to last for three weeks ended up becoming a fixed term role that I applied for! Without Unitemps, I may never have had the experience to apply for my current role.

What are you doing now? (if relevant) I am now a Micro-Placements Programme Coordinator in the City Careers service. The programme is an initiative that provides students an opportunity to take on short-term, exciting projects at an employer’s office in the summer.

Selin Keskin

Micro-Placements Programme Coordinator (SASS),

Careers Service City, University of London