Tips for a Successful Application 

We have compiled some tips that will give you the best chance of securing a job through Unitemps:

Make sure your CV is up to date - Listing all of your previous work experiences, including your most recent, and all of the skills used in those roles. 

Add your skills to your profile - Sometimes we are looking for a very specific skill for example in IT or Languages. Assigning these skills to your profile allows your profile to come up when we run a search for that specific skill, which could result in us contacting you about a vacancy without you having to apply. 

Maintain one candidate profile - Creating multiple profiles online can cause confusion later down the line. If there is an issue with your profile, give us a call and hopefully we can help you out with this. 

Referees - Please submit at least two referees. If you have not had previous employment history, you could always use a referee from any voluntary work done; or a character reference from your tutor. 

Read the job description properly - We will give an approximation of the duration of the assignment along with all other information about the job on there. 

When providing a covering letter, please tailor this to the job you are applying for - Be careful if you are taking material from another application not to include the name of the other organisation. Try and make each covering letter unique and specific to the role you are applying for. 

Keep it to the point - The best advice for a covering letter is giving examples of where your experience matches to the ‘skills and experience’ they have asked for in the job advert. If the job advert says they need someone that will be able to work certain shifts - address this in your covering letter. Keep your submittals succinct and ensure you proofread before sending it. 

Take note of the jobs you applied for - We understand that candidates can make several applications in one go. When we call to arrange an interview, it does not give a good impression when you do not remember the job you have applied for. 

SPELL CHECK (F7) - Use capital letters (I), make sure you spell check your submittals beforehand, but remember it won’t pick up all errors. If you write ‘from' instead of ‘form', for example, it will not be picked up. For UK applications avoid those that introduce American spellings like ‘organize' and ‘center'. It really doesn’t take long. 

Review all the information you imported before submitting - Before hitting the submit button, take a final glance at the content you have provided. Keep in mind that once you hit that button, your information is sent to the recruiter directly. First impressions are important, so make the best one possible when you apply.

Reputation is key - A bad impression sticks, so ensure you are remembered for the right reasons. Not that you didn’t turn up for a shift, or for having a poor attitude.

Dress appropriately for an interview - Even if the interview is described as an ‘informal chat’. An interviewer will take into mind first impressions. If you turn up messy, unhygienic and inappropriately dressed this may influence the decision. 

Research for your interview – Read over the job specification, research the company you are interviewing for and plan your journey to the interview - you don’t want to turn up late for your interview.

Finally, good luck! We look forward to receiving your applications and assisting you in your search for employment.