Finding work after travelling

Travelling can give you a great perspective on what you want to do, broaden your horizons and open your mind to other options you would never have considered before. On your return, you may know exactly which route to pursue or you may still be in limbo: here are some tips on how to adjust to the world of work after taking time out. 

Update your CV

When you get back, have a think about everything you have done during your time away. Perhaps you've worked part-time or found temporary work while you were away – consider the skills this work gave you and be sure to include it. Don't assume that a gap year can't be detailed on your CV - and definitely don't be tempted to leave it out. It may be called a gap year but don't leave a gap in your CV – be honest and emphasise how the experiences have enriched your skill set. 

Don't leap into something for the wrong reasons

Job hunting can be a long process but stay focused and don't lose sight of your long-term goals. Out of frustration and/or for financial security, while figuring out the next move, many people find themselves accepting roles they didn't want in the first place. Avoid getting stuck in this situation and don't panic.  

Catch up on the latest industry trends

It can be overwhelming to consider re-entering work after being out of the loop for a while - there may have been significant developments and new trends that have changed certain aspects of your desired career. Do some reading on the issues and hot topics, then consider undertaking training if necessary to brush up on those skills you feel you've missed out on.  

Consider temping

Temping lets you stay flexible while also gaining valuable skills and experience to add to your CV. If you're still unsure of your next step then take on temporary assignments that you think sound interesting to get an idea if this is something you want to pursue. Through doing this, you'll have a much wider understanding of the industries you might suit working in, there is no pressure to commit to something you're heart isn't really in.

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