Could your vacancy be suitable for a student?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a student, from the commitment and new ideas that they bring, through to potential cost savings.

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Could your vacancy be suitable for a student?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a student, from the commitment and new ideas that they bring, through to potential cost savings.

Recruiting students for your vacancies

If you are currently recruiting for a role but are struggling to find the perfect candidate, why not consider opening the role up to students?

Whether the job you are hiring for is part-time or full-time, Unitemps has access to a large pool of skilled students who are looking to put their knowledge into practice and kickstart their careers.

Rethinking what makes a ‘student job’

Any role can be suitable for a student. While many people think of hospitality and retail as more typical ‘student’ roles, many of the students registered with Unitemps have the skills needed for a range of roles – from admin and clerical work, through to marketing and finance.

The benefits of hiring students

There are a variety of benefits that come with hiring students, including:

  • It can be quicker and more cost effective than hiring a professional jobseeker
  • Students bring fresh perspectives and the latest industry knowledge and skills
  • Students are driven and keen to prove themselves in the workplace
  • Students could have more time to commit to a project that you don’t have the resource for
  • Members of your team could have the opportunity to supervise their work, meaning they gain supervisory or line management experience
  • You will be providing students with paid work experience that benefits them long term, through boosting their CVs and putting them in a better position to secure a job after graduation

Still unsure whether a student is the right fit for your team?

If you still have concerns, the questions below will help you decide whether to open the role up to applications from students.

Does it have to be a ‘student job’?

Unitemps works with a range of talented students who would be perfect for roles in admin, marketing, finance, HR, plus many more jobs that don’t fit the stereotype of a student job.

Can I hire a student for a full-time role?

Two students can be hired to cover a full-time role. This allows you to access a wider range of skills and tap into a wider employment pool.

For example, if you are hiring for a marketing role that requires both marketing and design skills, rather than hiring one candidate who is strong across the board, you could hire one student who is a marketing expert and another who is a design expert.

Will it cost more to hire two students for one vacancy?

Hiring two students could be more cost-effective than hiring a professional with lots of experience. Students are also typically quicker to hire in comparison to someone already working who needs to serve a notice period.

Will a student have enough experience?

By the time they are at university, students have already gained a variety of experience. This includes work experience (both paid and unpaid) completed before they started university, as well as the skills and knowledge they have gained and will continue to develop during their studies.

Students are still learning and because of this, they are open to new ways of working and are receptive to new ideas. Students take on feedback well and are willing to work hard because they want to prove themselves and gain skills that will help them in the future.

If your team is hiring for roles that could be suitable for students, get in touch with the Unitemps Warwick team by emailing or calling 02476 150 266.