Tips for learning at work

Work should be a learning curve for you – regardless of whether you are a new starter or have been in a role for many years. To celebrate ‘Learning at Work’ week, we have put together tips to make the most of your work and continue to learn and develop.  

1. Arrange to work with a mentor

When starting a new role, ask if you could have a mentor – someone to guide you and train you on certain elements of your role. This opportunity will give you the chance to put your questions to someone with knowledge and a friendly face. If you have been in this role for a while, having a mentor could still be useful and help you brush up on certain areas you find challenging.

2. Attend webinars and read specialist eBooks

There are ways to pick up specialist knowledge without having to leave your office – many organisations have eBooks and guides on specific topics that could be useful to you and some even organise online seminars called webinars, where you can watch experts answer your questions live, all from the comfort of your own desk. 

3. Join professional bodies

There is a range of courses you can sign up to that are run by professional bodies and will help you develop your career. The benefits of being a student through these bodies are numerous; from monthly magazines with inspiration and stories around your sector to access to conferences and online events, you will get exclusive content designed to build your expertise. It is worth asking your employer if they fund these courses, as this could be an option for the future.

4. Take part in training opportunities

If your organisation offers workshops to train you up in certain areas, don’t pass up these opportunities as they are a fun way of learning new skills that can be genuinely useful in your work.

5. Go to conferences

Invited to a conference? Conferences offer valuable insight into industries and also what your competitors and peers are doing. Did we mention networking opportunities? A great way to make contacts is socialising at conferences – you never know when you may need their expertise further down the line.

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