Tips for balancing work and study

Working during your studies can be a great idea for several reasons – you are supporting yourself financially but also building upon your student experience and developing your skills in preparation for life after university. But you only get one chance at your degree so follow these tips to make sure your studies don’t suffer.

1. Create a schedule – and stick to it

Having a study planner is key so you can track your lectures, seminars and independent working time. This will give you a much clearer idea of the time you have to play around with and use to work without anything overlapping. If you are working sporadic hours, it’s important to remember your shifts and be on time for your appointments so make sure you are organised across your studies, work and play.

2. Don’t miss out on your student experience

Don’t forget that being a student is a unique experience that should be enjoyed – when you look back you will remember the good times, not the hours that you spend working when you weren’t in the library. So, when planning your week set aside some time to relax, spend time with friends or see family – by maintaining a healthy work/life balance you are more likely to be able to maintain your workload for longer and won’t risk burning yourself out.

3. Don’t take on too many hours

It is easy to take on more than you can manage – particularly if you find yourself in a role that is relevant to your desired career path. Do make the most of the opportunities given to you through temping but if you’re starting to work so many hours that your academic work is falling behind, pause and review your situation. Maybe you could talk to your manager about reducing your hours during term time, giving you your much-needed study hours back but still maintaining your position at work.

4. Take advantage of the holidays

Outside of term-time is a great time to take on extra work – use this time to explore new opportunities, get the experience you need or just raise as much extra income as you can. There’s no reason why you still can’t fit work in around your studies but it might be wise to reconsider what you can manage. There are only so many hours in the day after all.

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