Temp 1-2-1: Sam Steele, Web Developer at iWeb

Sam was able to land a permanent position after an internship at iWeb. This is his story...

Why did you start temping?

A few friends of mine completed internships since finishing university and everyone that I spoke to only had positive things to say about the experience. The only two possible outcomes really were, either return to job hunting after the placement with 3 months of experience, or be offered a permanent role somewhere that I enjoyed working at. Win-win. 

What kinds of roles have you taken on in your temping career?

Just the one at iWeb where I currently work. I started on a 3 month PHP/Magento web development internship and just kind of stayed here after the internship ended. Initially I started off doing training exercises under the guidance of the development team and slowly built up to working on real jobs for our clients. Magento is notorious for not being easy for new developers to pick up but the team did great job of easing me in and the number of jobs that I need help with is still getting smaller every week. 

How did the flexibility of temping help you?

It was great to have a period of time to evaluate whether I actually wanted to be doing what I thought that I wanted to be doing. I’m sure that many people dive in to a career only to realise a few months in that it’s not for them, and of course temping is a great way around that. If you’re not feeling it at the end of the placement, you leave with that as a lesson which is valuable in itself. 

If you could give temps one piece of advice, what would it be?

You have value! Most companies aren't taking on temps and interns out of the goodness of their heart, they’re taking people on because they want more hands on deck. Don’t get psyched out by being “just the intern” - it’s give and take in both directions. 

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