Stuck in a rut: knowing when to move on from your current role

You've been in your role for a few years and yet it doesn't seem to be going anywhere new. Perhaps it's time to reassess your options and consider ways to inject some passion back into your career. Here are some signs that it could be time for a new challenge.

1. Think about whether you're happy in your role

First of all, are you happy in your job? Of course, it's normal to feel frustrations with work from time to time but when the negatives are outbalancing the positives, it's time to consider whether there is another job out there better suited to you. Perhaps this role is all you've ever known? Temping could be an option for you to test the waters in your career before taking the leap so don't be afraid of the unknown.

2. Are you struggling to feel motivated?

This could be a sign that you have achieved everything you possibly can from your current position. We all get the Monday blues but if you're forcing yourself out of bed every morning, perhaps it's not just tiredness that is the issue.

3. Giving it your all but still feeling unmotivated?

It's not good to go to work and feel there is nothing to do. When the days are dragging and you find yourself trying to fill time, sit down with you’re a manager and explain how you're feeling. It could be the perfect opportunity to volunteer for a new project and take on new responsibilities – but your manager will never hear about these issues if you don't voice your concerns, so don't suffer in silence. Show initiative and tackle problems as they arise.

4. Waiting for a promotion that never comes?

One of the biggest motivators in any role is the feeling that you are working towards the next level in your career. If a promotion doesn't even seem like a possibility, it might be time to pursue more challenging roles that you feel are worthy of you. If you've been in your role for a while, think about how valuable your skills are and how they can be put to better use.

5. Time for a change?

Maybe there is nothing technically wrong with your career – you just need a change. Whether this is through travelling or simply having more time to yourself, there are options that let you pursue hobbies or passions you have outside of work, such as part-time and temporary roles.

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