Presenting in an interview

So, you've clinched the job interview – but now have to prepare for a short presentation that you have been asked to give during it. It's not as scary as it sounds and you can deliver an impressive presentation by following our tips.

More visuals, less text

Show that you have researched the topic and don't simply read from your slides. Instead, use visuals that will keep things interesting for your interviewers while utilising notes to cue your points. At the very most, use short, snappy bullet points that you can then expand upon in your own words.

Take a copy with you

There's nothing more embarrassing than arriving to give your presentation and realising the file you sent over in advance has corrupted. Don't let this happen and take a back up copy of the presentation on USB, saved online or through email. 

Avoid the theatricals

There's really nothing to gain need in employing over-the-top effects – this will distract from your message.

Use Case Studies

Depending on the topic, try to back your arguments up with relevant examples to demonstrate your knowledge and that you've done your homework. 

Practice makes perfect

If you can run through your presentation with a friend or even on your own, so much the better. It helps to speak your presentation out loud to work on expressing your ideas verbally. It also gives you an idea of whether or not you have enough material to keep you talking for the duration of your presentation, whether that is 5 minutes or 15. 

Time it

Be wary of having so many slides you might be cut off before you have finished but equally, make sure you have plenty to talk about for the length of time requested. Allow at least a few minutes per slide and don't rush through points, take your time and give in-depth explanations – this in combination with rehearsing will ensure your presentation runs for the time needed.

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