How to write a CV with no work experience 

It’s not easy applying for jobs without the necessary experience. Dealing with rejection can be tough – all you want is for someone to give you an opportunity to prove yourself. If you feel you can do the role in question, there are ways to frame the experience you have had so far – whether that’s in education, extra curricular activity, or simply having a passion for something – these are aspects that employers value. So, how can you showcase these qualities to the employer? 

Think about skills you have gained from your education 

Perhaps you worked on a group class project or you produced a portfolio of artwork. Therefore, you have examples of working in a team, initiative, drive, and being able realise your ideas. Things you have done may not always seem like relevant examples but these are activities that have required skill and ability, so think more deeply about what your projects at school or college have taught you. 

List any clubs, societies, or extra curriculum activities  

If you’ve done any volunteering or done something as simple as help organise a charity bake sale, it’s important to list these activities on your CV. They show enthusiasm and that you are able to be proactive and take charge in situations. If your hobby was to act in plays and productions, for example, this could show evidence of a natural confidence and public speaking skills. 

Make things happen 

Be honest and tell the employer what you are doing to gain more experience. Show that you are not waiting for opportunities to come to you but are actively seeking them – they will see that you are the type of person they would want in their team. If you have tried various routes to become a writer, for example, start a blog and make it happen for yourself – this shows you have an entrepreneurial spirit and then provides you with an experience akin to work experience. You can reference this experience when talking about gaps in your CV and show how you were proactive about finding opportunities. 

Now that you are equipped with newly realised skills, why not put these into an application? Register with Unitemps and start looking for opportunities.