How to progress at work

It's important in any role to have goals that can be worked towards – feeling that we are progressing is a huge motivator and so, there should be ways to measure your progress at your workplace. Here we explore the different ways to make sure you're on the right track and moving towards your career goals.

Suggest regular one-to-one meetings with your line manager

If you're not already doing so, ask your line manager if you can have regular meetings to discuss your progress, elements that you need support with or any concerns you may have. If there are aspects of the role that you feel you are struggling with, these meetings are your way of getting the help you need before your work starts to suffer. The one-to-one aspect of these meetings is important too, as it gives you a rare chance to discuss parts of the job that may be sensitive subjects.

Discuss other opportunities

If you know about any upcoming internal vacancies, why not let your line manager know that you are thinking about applying? This honest approach lets everyone know where they stand and shows that you are ambitious and committed. It also gives your line manager a sense of the direction you want your career to go in and so, can suggest other options to you that may help you get to where you want to be.

Take advantage of training opportunities

Many employers, keen to nurture their workforce, will offer opportunities for you to go on training courses and workshops that will help you pick up new skills. If these are on offer, grab the opportunity with both hands – what you learn here could be vital knowledge for that promotion. Equally, training is sometimes paid for by the organisation, saving you money in the process.

Show your enthusiasm

Let your peers know that you are eager to progress by putting yourself out there – this could be volunteering to lead on a certain project, offering someone help or insight, or providing a unique idea. Take the initiative and go beyond what is asked of you and your efforts will be remembered.

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