How to get through an assessment

In our latest Twitter poll, 29% of you said you wanted to ask a recruiter about Interviews and Assessments. While there is plenty of advice out there on performing well at job interviews, a less discussed scenario is the assessment. At your interview, you may get asked to take part in short assessment tasks in addition to your face-to-face interview, so here's what to expect in our guide.

1. Don’t overthink the task

Whether you have been asked to proofread a section of text, write a tweet or piece of text, or prioritise a list of tasks in a diary, approach the task simply and don’t spend too long second guessing what you are being asked to do. Follow the instructions as best you can and you can’t go far wrong.

2. Look at the detail

At the same time, pay attention to detail and make sure you’ve read your instructions thoroughly. Errors are often minor and avoidable so spend some time reading over the tasks before you set to work.

3. Don't rush through

You may find the tasks as part of your assessment a doddle – but try to go over your work more than once. You’ll be surprised at the little points you might have missed the first time round. Pay particular attention to spelling and grammar and make sure you’ve made it as perfect as possible – if you are given half an hour to complete the tasks, then spend the entire time checking and rechecking because you have that time available.

4. Be as prepared as you can

Often you are not told in advance what your task is going to be – the idea is that you are being tested on your response to information you are seeing for the first time. However, if you know that you will be writing a press release into a news story, for example, perhaps spend time researching currently available press releases via the organisation’s website to get an idea of the tone and style.

Now you are prepared for an assessment, register with Unitemps and start applying for roles.