Social media has become a part of our everyday lives and, more recently, become a key factor within the workplace. Recruiters can use social media, alongside your application, to check if you are the right fit for their company. Here are a few tips to improve your social media presence when applying for jobs.

Interested in a specific industry or sector? 

Sharing or posting articles that are relevant to the area you want to work in will show employers that you have a genuine interest for this sector. But remember to read the full article so you know what it entails if you are ever asked about it.

Be selective of what you post.

Whilst posting and tagging pictures of you and your friends for each other to see is common practice, will these posts come across well to a recruiter? Being selective of what you share and adjusting your privacy settings will help keep your account more professional.

Avoid sharing too often.

As well as being annoying for your followers, if you’re sharing everything and anything on social media, recruiters won’t be able to distinguish between what you find important or not and could have a negative impact on their view of you. 

Don’t accept every request you get.

Accepting requests from people you don’t know means you could quickly lose control of who sees the information you post. Remember, the people you add will become a reflection of you and could affect how you come across to a recruiter.

Whilst we still want you to enjoy social media, keeping these points in mind when using it will allow you to have fun and, at the same time, let you come across in a better light to a potential recruiter.