Building the perfect CV: a step-by-step guide

Even our Unitemps mascot Utie had tp start somewhere. Consult his CV to get tips on structure and formatting for your own.

1.       Ensure your name is at the top of the document

There is no doubt who this CV belongs to – make sure your name stands out and dominates the top section of your CV by using a bold, large font like Utie has done.

2.       Include a profile/personal statement section

Use this section to summarise what you offer and what your career aspirations are. The recruiter will get a sense if your ambitions are a match with what the employer is looking for, so don’t be tempted to leave this out.

3.       Contact details

Providing a telephone number, email address and home address are vital in ensuring the recruiters can invite you to an interview, or (fingers crossed) congratulate you on getting the job. This section could also include links to your website, or social platform if you view these as assets or evidence of specific skills.

4.       Give it structure and don’t be afraid of using graphical elements

When presenting your skills, why not use timelines and symbols to help the information jump out a little more. It is also worth thinking about the layout and how you are using the space on the page. By splitting his CV into two columns and using headings in a unique font, Utie’s CV is easy to scan while the use of coloured bullet points condense the amount of text on the page, ensuring the recruiter’s attention is held.

See our guide to producing a graphic CV for more tips on designing your CV and making it stand out.

5.       No need to include references or personal details

As you can see, Utie has chosen to leave off a picture, national insurance number, date of birth, and family/marital status – this information isn’t required by Unitemps so it’s best to stick to a similar format and structure as Utie. He has also not included references – if you wish, you could provide a statement to say references can be obtained upon request.

See our recent Twitter Live video, in which Unitemps Recruitment Consultants Francesca and Aleksandra gave advice on perfecting your CV and covering letter, and what to avoid. Don't forget to register so you can then upload your CV to our system and apply for jobs.