The benefits of working while you study

Part 1 – Meeting People and Making Connections

Starting University is an exciting time. You’ve moved away from home, gained some independence and let’s be honest, the world is officially your oyster. But there’s also a fair amount of stress that comes with your first year at uni, and engaging in activities outside of your studies can be a great way help you to find balance.

Along with joining a society or a sports team, getting a part-time job while you study is a fantastic way to meet new people, grow your crew and distract yourself from study stress (not to mention a regular paycheck at the end of the month). But unlike in a society or a sports team, working will provide you with an opportunity to meet people whose interests might be entirely different to yours. Meeting people from different countries, backgrounds and interest groups is a great way to diversify your own knowledge and interests, and makes for an exciting and fulfilling university experience.

In your search for balance, you might want to find a hobby or other activities to help you fill your spare time so that your mind isn’t always on your books or in the pub. When you start meeting new people, you might engage in new activities or discover talents that you didn’t know you had. Maybe you get invited to yoga when you’re normally a hockey player, or start rock climbing on the days that you’re not playing chess. Maybe your new work friends introduce you to your new favorite binge-able series (and who knew you even liked horror movies?) You might end up playing hippie at Glastonbury or on a hiking weekend to the Lake District rather than your usual Saturday night at your local watering hole. And because you’ve been working, you’ll have the money to do it without compromising on your student loan or making a withdrawal from the Bank of Mum and Dad.

And who knows, maybe one of the new colleagues is the key to your first job after graduation?

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