Who are Unitemps?

Unitemps is a recruitment agency specialising in fulfilling temporary job vacancies, student jobs and internships nationwide with UK branches in Birmingham, Canterbury, Coventry, Surrey, Leicester, London, London City, Northampton, Nottingham, Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, and Middlesex, and branches in Australia in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Unitemps, started and owned by the University of Warwick, provides temporary jobs and work opportunities on campus and in local commercial businesses for students, recent graduates and the wider candidate community. Through our growing branch network, Unitemps can cover part-time or full-time temporary assignments – anything from one-hour shifts to full-time work for several months, with the ability to fill assignments on the same day. Our temporary workers are reliable, intelligent and hardworking, and keen to make an impact.

We are growing through our quality, ethical and community approach, mirroring the aspirations of our University and each of our University partners. Unitemps combines a ‘student welfare’ ethos with efficient systems and a professional approach. All revenues generated are reinvested in the institution and campus facilities. Our staff are service orientated – dedicated to providing our clients with the best available talent for their temporary staffing needs.