Top 10 Hacks to make your application stand out

If you search for application tips and tricks, you’ll be inundated with countless lists of how to make the best application. Here are our 10 hacks for setting you on the right track for getting that job you really want:

1.       Tailor your application: Sending in the same cover letter for different jobs won’t get you an interview, in fact, when recruiters see a generic cover letter they will put it to the bottom of their pile. It makes them question, if you’re not willing to put in the effort for an application, are you willing to put the effort into your work?

2.       Keep it simple: Make it easy for the employer to read your application. Using bullet points is a lot easier to read than solid blocks of text.

3.       Font & layout: This isn’t the time to be creative. Stick to a standard font throughout as an obscure font, or different fonts, will put the employer off. Make your layout flow from one point to the next and make it as easy as possible for the employer to follow.

4.       Buzz words: Use 4-5 words that best describe you and use them throughout your application. This will ensure you are getting across a clear message of your best attributes.

5.       Stay current: Are your qualifications up-to-date? Seeing achievements from years back isn’t appealing to employers, they want to see that you’ve kept on top of your area of expertise.

6.       Relevant: Do the experiences on your application match the job specifications for the role you’re applying for? If not, it will look as if the role doesn’t suit you and you’ll be less likely to be selected.

7.       Check, check and re-check: Spelling, grammar and formatting all need to be checked multiple times. You will miss things first time round, so take the time to double and triple check your work. Also, saving your application as a PDF will prevent any format changes if the employer uses a different software.

8.       Cleanse your social media: What do your social media accounts say about you? Employers sometimes check social media to see if you will match the job or company you are applying for. Stay on top of what posts people can see and check your privacy settings.

9.       Google yourself: Do you know what comes up if you google yourself? Things that you might have forgotten about can still surface with the tap of a button. Even if you think these old blogs and accounts don’t exist anymore, it’s always worth checking.

10.   Persevere: Don’t give up. If you’re reading these anyway, you’re heading in the right direction. So, take these hacks on board and keep trying, you will get there.

If you think you’re already doing these tricks and still having trouble getting that yes, take a step back and have a fresh look to see if you’re applying to the correct jobs. Maybe your application is aimed towards a different sector or it could be worth trying something new. Either way, keep working at it, follow the steps above and your opportunity will come!


Best of luck!