How to optimise your application

During your job search, you may find yourself using the same template for your application; don’t get stuck in a rut. Here is how to shake up your application for each role you apply for. 

Adapt your application for the role you’re applying for 

There is nothing wrong with using previous applications, CVs and Cover letters as a skeleton for your next application – but make sure you go through and make each point align with the person specification for the role you’re applying for. Also, try to give relevant examples and scenarios that address the criteria for that role. How can an employer be expected to take your claims of being passionate about teamwork if you have no evidence to back it up? Show, don’t tell. Similarly, talk about your specific achievements to demonstrate how you can make an impact in the role you are applying for.  

Proof check 

If you’ve spent hours perfecting your summary for how you meet the person specification, don’t rush to the finish line straight away. Make sure you leave time after completing your application for proof for spelling and grammar errors - minor but important things to get right.  

Fulfil the criteria 

Before applying, download a copy of the person specification and make direct references to it in your application. You might not have evidence of experience for all of the criterion, but try to think of something you have done that could be relevant or similar.  

Don’t hesitate to contact the recruiter if you have any lingering questions. Better to figure those out at this stage so you can impress at the interview with your knowledge.  

Show that you’re a leader 

Once you’ve written your application, read it back and ask yourself: am I coming across as a leader or a follower? Where possible, you should be giving examples of times you have gone the extra mile to get things done. Think about times where you have been given responsibility or have pushed for something to happen.  

Show your personality 

Link to a blog, for example, to show that you are innovative and can work on your own initiative. Write a personal statement that is concise, professional but also shows you are forward thinking, ambitious, and intelligent.

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