Unitemps, University of Salford

The Unitemps branch at the University of Salford is located on floor 1 of the University House building near to the askUS desk. 

Students, graduates and suitable candidates from the local community can apply for employment opportunities through Unitemps in Salford/Greater Manchester. Unitemps places people into temporary, part-time and full-time jobs within the university and with local employers.  Successful candidates gain access to work experience or employment and develop employment skills that help them succeed in their future careers.

Unitemps branch staff work alongside a Careers and Enterprise team who assist students and graduates in developing job seeking, career planning and enterprise skills.


Any timesheets submitted and approved in time for the payroll deadline will be paid into your bank account on the last working day of the month. The only exception to this will be Christmas when the payroll will run earlier. You will be notified of any changes to the payroll cut off.

Timesheets must be submitted weekly, by the following Monday at the latest, for the previous week’s shifts.

Timesheets must then be authorised by your line manager by the end of Wednesday that week.

Payment is made to your bank account on the last working day of the month.

Monthly submission deadlines are always on the Monday and are listed below. 

The submission dates are calculated to ensure at least 4 weekly timesheets, if applicable, will be included in each payroll. 

This depends on your line manager, or nominated deputy, authorising the timesheets the following day.

Unitemps will not approve any timesheets on your manager’s behalf.

You should ensure your timesheets are being authorised promptly, be aware of any upcoming holidays, and inform Unitemps at the earliest possible time if you foresee any difficulties.

Timesheets submitted after the deadline, or not authorised in time, will not be paid that month.

Please do not attempt to submit a timesheet for part of a week as only one timesheet per week, per job can be submitted.

New payroll starter/amendments/leavers forms will be sent to (unitemps@salford.ac.uk) to allow work to be managed and processed.

Timesheet and payroll dates 

MonthTimesheet Submission DeadlinePay Date
April 18 9th April 30th April
May 18 7th May 31st May
June 18 4th June 30th June
July 18 9th July 31st July
August 18 6th August 31st August

Additional Information

-       Pay queries 

You should check your payslip each month so you know whether you have been paid correctly and that the right amounts of tax and national insurance have been deducted. The Money Advice Service provides useful advice on understanding your payslip. 


If you have a query after checking your payslip, please email payroll@salford.ac.uk or call 0161 295 4193

-       Tax and NI questions  

Please contact HMRC on 0300 2003300. Your employer PAYE reference number is 475/FA76123

-       Pension Details 

Workers who are currently not part of a workplace pension scheme must by law be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension scheme provided that they are aged between 22 and state pension age, earn more than £9,440 a year and work in the UK. 

Our pension provider is NEST http://www.nestpensions.org.uk/schemeweb/NestWeb/public/home/contents/homepage.html

We are required to auto-enrol all employees from 1st May 2017.

-       Holiday pay details 

Holiday pay is calculated by the number of hours worked multiplied by the holiday pay rate of a particular assignment. Holiday pay is an additional pay rate to your standard wage, which accrues as its own entity and is available to claim through the Unitemps website. Unitemps holiday year runs from 1 October through to 30 September and all holiday entitlement must be taken during the course of the leave year in which it accrues.

If an extra day’s annual leave is awarded by the University, we will increase the holiday pay accordingly for all AWR qualified staff working in internal assignments at the University of Salford.

-       What to do when you finish your position with Unitemps

If you finish your position with Unitemps and wish to request your P45, you can do this by emailing Unitemps@salford.ac.uk. You will need to provide the postal address you would like the P45 sending to along with your final date of employment with Unitemps. You should also make sure that you have claimed all of your outstanding holiday pay and confirm that you have done this in your email request for your P45.

The P45 isn’t produced automatically, as you may wish to remain on the payroll whilst applying for other assignments. The P45 will take you off the Unitemps payroll. This means that if you subsequently do any further work for Unitemps, you will need to come to the office to be setup on the payroll once again.

Further information regarding P45 forms can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/paye-forms-p45-p60-p11d

Useful information 

Car Parking

Please find details for parking on campus in this link: 

Statutory Sick Pay

In the case of absence due to sickness or illness, you may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay provided that you meet the relevant statutory criteria. Please note that Statutory Sick Pay is not payable for the first 3 days of the period of absence. If you wish to claim SSP you will be expected to complete a to cover the first 7 days of absence (including non-working days) and thereafter must supply a doctor’s fit note. These should be sent to your local Unitemps office. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend work, you must telephone your line manager and/or your local Unitemps office as soon as possible.