Why the Unitemps franchise model can benefit an institution

1. Unitemps is different to other employment services in both culture and model.

Developed by the University of Warwick, Unitemps works on a ‘people not profit’ approach, unlike its commercial competitors. The Unitemps Franchise Model has been tailored and developed specifically for the needs of higher education institutions. It is a unique, sector-leading solution to their financial and HR challenges and is very much student-orientated – enhancing student employability opportunities.

2. Unitemps operates as part of Warwick Employment Group (WEG).

Along with the other services running under WEG, Unitemps proudly operates a three pillars approach: Ethical, Quality and Community. Ethical because our staff do not work on commission and are instead driven by providing an excellent service. This quality approach performed by Unitemps is unrivalled in its sector as it looks to provide for its community, whether it be candidates or clients.

3. The service is dual-branded

There are beneficial reasons as to why an institution can feel comfortable in joining the franchise network. The dual branded nature of the service allows the institution to maintain its core values and branding, as well as using a well-established service’s branding.

4. The service is fully scalable to the institution

The franchise model bypasses the lengthy development work of a start-up service and helps to leverage significant cost savings and generate new revenue streams. It can even form part of an integrated careers service within the establishment; whatever your institution needs from its agency, the flexibility within the model allows your Unitemps branch to be tailored to your specific requirements.

5. New franchises receive support from Unitemps Head Office...

Any new franchise is given great support from the Unitemps Head Office from the day they sign. They are given their own Franchise Relationship Manager (FRM) who will advise and coordinate with the new franchise institution to ensure the setup and opening of the new branch runs as smoothly as possible and they will continue to work closely with you over the duration of the contract.

6. ...which includes support from Compliance, IT, and Marketing and Design

The compliance team will provide training before and during the agreement to ensure legislative compliance is upheld and will answer queries on a daily basis relating to any compliance and operational issues that may arise. The Unitemps compliance team will support you, alongside your FRM, throughout the agreement to ensure your Unitemps branch is fully compliant therefore reducing risk to your institution. From day one there is constant IT support available from the WEG IT Helpdesk who will assist with any day-to-day queries. There is also marketing and design support. The team are able to produce marketing materials and literature as and when requested and will ensure it follows your institution’s branding guidelines alongside the Unitemps brand.

7. Staff training initiatives

As well as providing continued support, Unitemps endeavours to offer learning opportunities for members of staff across the Franchise Network. A thorough induction is given to all new staff to make sure they understand the ethos of working for Unitemps, as well as being trained on any programmes you may need to use as part of your role. Regular meetings and workshops take place that includes staff from across the network which allows sharing of best practice.

8. Institutions' can network at the Unitemps Annual Conference

An Annual Conference is held at Warwick, which brings the network together for a two-day event. The first day is a chance to conduct sessions based around different areas of Unitemps, along with an evening dinner and awards ceremony to celebrate the hard work of staff over the past year. The second day concentrates on team-building, including activities that require teams to problem solve and work effectively with colleagues from other branches.

9. Ongoing networking events

Networking opportunities do not just happen internally. Various employment events and conferences happen throughout the year and our branches are encouraged to attend to seek new candidates and clients that the network can support. The fact that Unitemps operates nationwide allows an opportunity for the name of a branch and institution to be spread across the country and raise its profile. 

10. Student employability and experience

With the increased student employability opportunities that Unitemps helps generate through internships, temporary assignments and graduate permanent opportunities it can help to ease any financial concerns that students may experience, whilst also adding skills to their CV. The skills and experience gained from students working through Unitemps increases students’ chances of finding employment once they have graduated which can improve an institution’s DLHE figures.

To find out more about how the Unitemps Franchise Model and how it can add value to your institution, feel free to contact the Unitemps Head Office on 02476 524 683, or you can email frm@warwick.ac.ukUnitemps will be sponsoring the CACUSS 2017 conference, held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, in June and will be there to answer any of your questions.