Don’t panic if you’ve graduated or you’re about to graduate and you haven’t got a clue what to do next; many other graduates will feel exactly the same! Now is the time to gain new experiences, figure out what you enjoy and what drives you. You won’t necessarily find your dream job right away, but all the experiences you gain will help you decide what working environment and job role will suit you the most. Try answering the questions below to help you decide what your next steps should be.

What do you enjoy doing?

It’s important to do something you enjoy. If you enjoy painting, drawing, photography then you could look into jobs where you can utilise these creative skills such as marketing, advertising, photography; if you enjoy maths and numbers then you could look into accountancy and finance; if you enjoy reading then you could look into publishing or editing. Try and figure out what it is that gives you a buzz and what exactly about that activity or subject really interests you so you can then see what sort of job role you might suit; for example, if you enjoy a particular sport, is it the competitive edge that motivates you? In which case you could look into a sales, trading, banking role.

What drives you the most?

What are the key drivers for you in a job? Are you driven by money? In which case a commission-based role may motivate you the most. Are you driven by the need to help people? Teaching, nursing, the emergency services etc. could be a good path for you. Try and pinpoint through your past experiences what it is that drives you and motivates you the most and think about roles that will cultivate and nourish this passion in you.

What does your CV look like?

Hopefully the above two questions have helped you think about the sort of jobs you might thrive best in, so now it’s time to look at your CV and the experiences you have to date. In order to reach your goal do you need to train or study? Do you need to gain experience?

Keep an open mind and gain as much experience as you can, whether that’s work experience, a paid internship, a course, volunteering at home or abroad; with more experiences comes a firmer idea of what you enjoy and what drives you the most and therefore the type of job you will thrive in.