The Different Sides To Temping

Temping is often linked to a whole range of misconceptions: in this article, we attempt to set the record straight on what being a ‘temp’ actually entails, what options there are for career progression and working around studies, other work or leisure.

Earn while you study

Temping is a popular way of working for students because of the flexibility it offers. The independence you get while studying at university can allow you to spend time working without missing out on the university experience. Whether you are looking for evening work, morning work, or regular shifts, the number of roles available means there is something for everyone. While there is much more to temping than this, short term roles are always available. These can range from manual jobs, such as cleaning or catering services to administrative work or office support roles. You may start temping as a means to an end but by the end of your experience, you may have developed new skills and invaluable experience that will inform the next stage of your life.

The returning parent

Coming back to work after having a baby or caring for a friend or family member can be a daunting experience. What better way to test the waters than to find work that is more flexible to your parental duties? A huge range of part-time roles exist, which means you can still retain the time you need to keep things running smoothly at home. Worried about how the time spent away from work will affect your CV? Then, temping can give you the chance to develop new skills as you look for something more permanent. There is also the option to find a role suited to you and your previous occupation, which could be the stepping stone you need to catch-up with developments in your field.

Making it a career

If you are experiencing a frustrating job search, making a change by applying for temporary roles could be the path to a career. While it can seem like temporary equals poor job security, the flexibility of temping means that you can support yourself while you search for your perfect role – while gaining valuable skills and experiences throughout.

From temp to perm

Organisations often hire temps for short-term projects that need particular skills and expertise. In a lot of cases, these roles are the perfect way for you to make your mark within the company or business, and can be your opportunity to show them what you can do. Your original role could well develop and evolve throughout your time there and a temporary role could become permanent as you become an integral part of the team.

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