Temp 1-2-1: Megan Caulfield, Marketing Assistant at Warwick Employment Group (WEG)

We caught up with Megan to find out about her temping experiences and what advice she has for anyone thinking about temping in the future.

Q. What attracted you to temping?

A. I started temping at university as a flexible way to make money between my studies. It suited my needs perfectly and I was able to get some great work experience for my CV. After university, I went travelling and applied for some more temp work when I returned. Initially, this was to get some money whilst I looked for something more permanent but 9 months later I'm still working at the same place and really enjoying it!

Q. What kinds of roles have you taken on?

A. I've mainly worked in events and marketing as it suits my skills and experience. I am currently working as a marketing assistant for Warwick Employment Group.

Q. How did the flexibilty of temping help you?

A. At university it allowed me to focus on my studies when I needed to and work when I had more free time. It depends on your personal situation but if you can I would recommend it.

Q. What is your advice for other temps out there?

A. Don't be scared of applying for one off, short term jobs. This is often where you get some of your best experience as you're thrown into a new environment and have to adapt quickly. It can also tide you over money wise until you find something longer terms and highlight what kind of work you want to pursue further.

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