Temp 1-2-1: Martin Ward, Marketing Assistant at Warwick Employment Group (WEG)

We caught up with Martin to find out about his temping experiences and what advice he has for anyone thinking about temping in the future.

Q. Why attracted you to temping?

A. I started temping because I wanted access to opportunities for graduates within Marketing and Communications. I had just moved to the area and heard about Unitemps from friends – I applied for my first role at jobs.ac.uk, based in Coventry, in April 2015 and haven’t looked back!

Q. What kinds of roles have you taken on so far?

A. My first role was as an inputter at jobs.ac.uk. I went from working 20 hours per week to soon working 30+ per week. My role involves liasing with account coordinators at jobs.ac.uk, uploading copy into our CMS system, checking for spelling/grammar errors and ensuring copy was compliant with discrimination legislation. I then moved to a four month stint at University of Warwick’s Marketing department where I worked on a project to bring the Graduate School website in line with the updated Warwick brand. After this ended,  I returned to jobs.ac.uk before applying for my current role within the Marketing  team at WEG – I now work on content across jobs.ac.uk, college.jobs.ac.uk, Unitemps ,Search Higher and Piirus, which is very exciting!

Q. How did the flexibility of temping help you?

A. It helped me hugely because, at a time when I was unsure of my next career step, I could earn money while gaining invaluable experience and still have time to pursue my career goals. It gave me a lot of time back after a hectic few years working in retail to assess my options and apply for opportunities that I knew I wanted to do.

Q. What is your advice for other temps out there?

A. Don’t be scared of jobs that have a fixed end date because these are often the opportunities that will prepare you for the next step in your career. From my own personal experience, I have found that roles with short-term contracts have evolved to become long-term fixtures. This has really helped me get into my current role so don’t let it put you off. With Unitemps, as one jobs comes to an end there is usually another just around the corner!

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