Skills Shortage: An industry problem with a student solution

It has, in recent years, been widely acknowledged that the acute shortage of technically skilled workers in the UK has had a direct impact on the ability of engineering companies to fulfil the ever growing number of projects on their order books. Other results of these shortages also include the natural effect of globalisation – the increasing importation of skilled labour and more worryingly the overall slowing of the UK economic recovery as other nations call on a larger talent pool.

At Unitemps we offer a temporary recruitment service to local and national businesses in the technical sector. We tap into a large candidate base which includes University of Warwick students and graduates, as well as people from the local community. We believe that responsible recruitment services companies like us can provide realistic and cost effective short-term and long-term solutions in the ever- intensifying ‘war for talent’ in engineering and associated disciplines. This is based in the unique University embedded nature of our business, delivering recruitment services that companies like Jaguar Land Rover have tapped into.

Chris White, Global Business Expansion Manager at the company said:

“Specific areas of focus surrounding IT and engineering technology are at the forefront of the immediate demands.IT resources are currently largely supplied as outsourced skills to Jaguar Land Rover and therefore come at premium rates. JLR has expanded its Graduate recruitment schemes significantly and has formed alliances with a number of academic establishments to develop tailored courses to address specific long term skills issues. Project Management, Planning and strategy development from my perspective have been lacking in formal training and therefore within JLR skills levels are varied. I know from my attempts to recruit experienced and qualified planners it is extremely challenging.”

Andrew White, Technical Recruitment Consultant at Unitemps commented:

“We are currently developing a bespoke candidate placement programme to address the Midlands’ technical skill shortage by placing skilled Warwick University candidates in these roles.”

Chris agrees that placement programmes such as the one Unitemps are putting in place can only help companies such as Jaguar Land Rover. He added:

“Things like the modern apprentice schemes, Graduate apprentice schemes and the collaborations with external companies and academic bodies all help, but these initiatives all take time before numbers of appropriately skilled individuals are ready to deploy effectively into organisations. Development of specific training courses and Identification of particular skills requirements across the midlands in my view needs to be aligned with Schools and universities developing more vocationally based courses specifically focused to fill gaps. This would need effective short, medium and long term collaborations built around good governance. I would suggest public and private sector groups should make closing the skills gaps a priority with measurable targets and plans to achieve those targets.” 

What this suggests and what Unitemps is proving is that genuine partnerships between companies like themselves and Jaguar Land Rover leads to real progress in the ongoing search for great people.

Paul Brewster, Company Director of Unitemps finally added:

“With the technical skills shortage being a hot topic, we hope that with this placement programme we can assist our external businesses in addressing the skills shortage."

“We have experience of placing highly skilled candidates into jobs, and I am confident that we will be able to deliver once again and receive national as well as local recognition.”

If you or your company is interested in finding out more information about how you can benefit from this Unitemps solution, then please contact the Unitemps team on Tel: 02476 528 118 or send an enquiry to and our team will be happy to assist.