My name is Raneem, and I’m a first-class Media and Communication graduate from Birmingham City University. I have been a Marketing Assistant on a Unitemps contract at Warwick Employment Group (WEG) for eight months now and would like to share how positive my experience here has been.

At the beginning of 2018, I was coming to the end of my degree so I began looking for roles in the fields of PR and marketing. I had completed placements alongside my studies in these fields, but I was only too aware that it can be extremely difficult to get an industry job after graduating, no matter how well you do in your degree.

Initially, I had heard of Unitemps through family and friends, who had been on flexible part-time Unitemps contracts. Around two months before the end of my degree, my cousin, who also works at WEG through Unitemps, let me know that the marketing team were hiring. Although I wasn’t sure that I had a sufficient amount of experience for the content and digital marketing roles on offer, I submitted an application anyway. After all, you miss all of the chances that you don’t take, and to my surprise, I was offered an interview! The Unitemps team and marketing managers interviewing me were so welcoming and made me feel like I had a lot to offer. Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful as other candidates had more experience than me, which I completely expected but I was so grateful for the opportunity and the learning experience of an industry interview.

Two weeks before my final hand-in for my degree, in between all of the dissertation and production project madness, I received an email from a WEG Marketing Officer. She informed me of a Marketing Assistant role on offer within their team and encouraged me to apply, which I thought was really thoughtful and I was delighted to have been on their radar! I applied straight away and was again offered an interview where I was made to feel very comfortable. I drew on my experience from the first interview to give it my best shot and a couple of days later, I was offered the job! The team were flexible enough to allow me to start right after my final degree hand-in. I was over the moon and felt extremely lucky to have secured a job in my desired field straight after university, and was so excited to get stuck into a full-time industry role.

The process of beginning my Unitemps contract was really easy. I had to go to my local branch and complete my right to work checks, before starting the following week. This gave me the chance to meet more of the Unitemps team, who gave me great advice regarding my contract such as how to submit my timesheets and claim holiday pay. The whole process was really simple, and I’ve never had any trouble with my contract since.

When I started at WEG, I was welcomed with open arms by everyone and felt like a valued member of the team from day one, and now, eight months on, I look back and can’t believe how much I have learned during my time as a Marketing Assistant. As well as receiving a pay rise, I have also continuously been offered opportunities for development. After doing a lot of work on events and content marketing, I have been given the chance to further explore my passion for content writing and digital marketing. Recently, I have moved into the content and digital sub-team, where I have been given a range of new and exciting tasks which my peers have been guiding me through. I feel as though I’ve been able to explore so many areas in marketing to enhance my knowledge and develop my skills. Working with Unitemps has impacted my career in the best way possible, from the ease and flexibility of the contract to working with a wonderful team and having the opportunity to flourish in my field. I am also now perfectly placed for when any permanent marketing positions become available.