Top 10 reasons to temp

Temping allows you to make your working day exactly what you want it to be. Whether you are looking for more short-term work or reliable hours, a summer internship to get you on the career ladder or you’re ready to start reaping the rewards a career can bring, Unitemps has jobs that suit everyone and there is long list of benefits to temping.

1.  Find flexible work that fits around your studies

Temping is a popular option for students looking for work. It can let you focus on making the most out of your time at university while giving you opportunities to generate some income. With a range of contracts and hours to choose from, it is relatively easy to find work that fits in with your plans and schedule – a luxury for a lot of people.

2.  Gain experience in different areas

For many students, university fills the gap between exploring your interests and personality before entering the world of work. Some of your friends might know exactly what they want to do with the rest of their life. Temping works whether you have a career plan or not because while there are short-term assignments that help you remain flexible, longer-term jobs can crop up quite often and you could find something that fits in with your longer-term career plans.

3.  Find out what you’re good at

Experimenting by working different assignments could be a way into the career you never knew you wanted. Taking some time out to attend the ‘University of Life’ can be really beneficial and put the skills and knowledge you already have into practice.

4.  Boost your CV

Maybe you find yourself being invited to a lot of interviews but it never goes any further. You might have an excellent track record academically but temping can give you the well-sought experience you might be lacking.

5.  Survive during your job-hunt

Okay, so you’ve just graduated with a first and you have several months’ experience on an amazing internship under your belt – you know exactly the type of career you are looking for, you just need to secure that first position. Temping can help you develop your skills and work in a variety of assignments until that happens. Pursuing your dreams while working is no bad thing – not only will you have an income while you job-hunt but you can meet new people and enjoy new experiences too. Remember, temping lets you make valuable contacts and step away from the job search for a few hours.

6.  Travel the world

Taking a gap year is a popular thing to do before, during or after university. Saving the money you need to travel can take a long time – so why not work in between seeing the world? A few month’s work could help pay towards a few months abroad. A Unitemps branch has just launched at Griffith University in Australia so there are even opportunities to temp as you travel.

7.  Taking a career break

Of course, you don’t need to be travelling the world as a reason for taking some time out from your career. Temping would let you step away from the pressures of full time, permanent work and re-assess your priorities. Maybe you’re thinking about a career change and want to explore other options, or maybe you just need a year to pursue your hobbies and spend more time with family – but temping, in both situations, can afford you the luxury of time to reflect and recharge without losing your income.

8.  Enjoy a semi-retirement

Retiring may have been the best decision you have ever made – or you may have got bored after the second day. If you’re the latter, and you are itching to get back to work without giving up your new found freedom, taking a temporary job could be the ideal solution for you.

9.  An introduction to internships

With temping, you are guaranteed to be paid for your work and there are many career-driven roles available so don’t assume that you would be limited to short-term assignments. Temping is not necessarily a convenient stop-gap but can offer work that has value if you are looking to get a real insight into a particular career. You could find yourself being offered a temporary assignment on the back of an internship, which in turn has potential to become a permanent role if you’ve made a positive impression.

10.  Step into a rewarding career

Many professional roles are placed through Unitemps that require high quality candidates with the right skill set to fill a fixed-term contract. Temping can be a great way of getting a foot in the door with a company and you never know – there is always the possibility to be taken on permanently depending on company need. What started as a temp job might just become the job you’ve always dreamed of.