New features on - UK clients

Our clients now have a broader range of tools and information on candidates working for them to help manage compliance:

  • To access the reporting section, log in and click on your name in the top left-hand corner and select 'Reports' from the drop-down menu. 

  • When candidates apply, the ‘AWR Qualified’ column will clarify whether the candidate has gone past the 12-week qualifying period
  • A ‘Visa Restrictions’ column will highlight any candidates who are currently on a visa with restrictions and how many hours they can work per week
  • The ‘Young Worker’ column shows any young candidates who may require certain adjustments to their assignments

Improvements for candidates

We’ve made some changes to the website, making it easier for candidates to find jobs, with improved search functions, job alerts, and profile updates. 

Dashboard new features

After the candidate logs in, they will see the updated dashboard with new features including:

  • Complete your profile: The % completed widget on the dashboard will show how much of the My Profile section you have completed. This section was previously called My Details. 
  • Personal details and skills: The skills section has been updated and refined, making it easier for candidates to tell us about their skills so that you can match candidates to the right jobs. Languages also has its own section.
  • Holiday pay: Candidates will now be able to claim holiday pay for multiple jobs in one request.

Job seeking improvements:

We’ve changed the way candidates search for jobs and interact with the site:

  • Candidates can now search for jobs by location and by category
  • When applying for a job, if candidates have not already uploaded their CV, an ‘Add CV’ widget will be available 
  • Candidates can now save jobs for later
  • Candidates can subscribe to Job Alerts by job categories, with multiple category options, helping them get only the most relevant job alerts to their inbox!

We hope that the new features help make Unitemps even more useful for our clients and their candidates! If you have any questions about the new features on the website or have any feedback please contact us at