New Year, new journey

2016 is over and the New Year offers a time for reflection and thinking about what the year ahead will bring. New Year’s resolutions are often made and not kept; instead, here are some tips to help you begin a new journey in 2017.

Start a new career

The start of a new year is when a lot of people think about what it is they really want in their career and you may find yourself considering new options. It could be something you’ve always wanted to do but fear of the unknown has prevented you from taking the plunge. If you’re having doubts about the direction you want to go in, temping could be a great way of testing the waters without losing financial security.

Try something new

Whether it’s gaining a new qualification or simply exploring new ways of working, temporary work can let you try out a range of roles in which you can learn new skills or find out how a particular department functions. All of the new roles you have tried can be put on your CV to demonstrate your dynamism. It’s also a way of finding out the aspects of work that you like and those that you don’t, and you will be much better informed when making decisions about your career in the future.

Make time for hobbies

Perhaps you’re at a point where you’d like to have more time for yourself: taking on part-time work could be a permanent solution to gaining more leisure time. Then, if you find yourself wanting to return to full-time work, you could either return to a full-time role or apply for multiple part-time roles and make up full-time hours, and either route can be taken through temping. These options allow you to be flexible and work when you want to work. Taking on short-term contracts that fit around your plans to take a class or travel more could also be your way of doing something extraordinary in 2017.

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