New Year Career Goals

The start of a New Year is a great time to reflect on the successes of the previous year and plan career goals for the year ahead. Whether you are studying at university, taking a career break, considering new options or juggling study with a young family, you may feel uncertain which steps to take to achieve your 2019 career ambitions. We’ve compiled some tips to help you get started:


If you are currently studying at university, a fantastic goal for the New Year is to search and apply for a part-time job (if you haven’t already got one!). It is never too late to start applying and is a great way to begin structuring your CV*. In addition, you could make new friends, learn new skills and pick up handy hints on how to organise your time and manage your studies.

Looking ahead and preparing for life after university is highly recommended. You could start by researching careers you are interested in and take note of the skills, experience and requirements you will need to achieve this position in the future. It is a good idea to further your research and understand the promotion process to help you succeed in your dream career.

Have you visited the university’s careers service? Make this a goal for the New Year. Arrange an appointment with a Career Advisor and prepare questions based on careers you are interested in. Don’t forget to take along a copy of your CV for review. This is also good practise for taking on board constructive feedback and being proactive to improve your work – a skill that will serve you well throughout your career.

Improving your time management is a great goal as it is an essential skill that you can transfer to many personal facets throughout your life, especially in your career. If you have a part-time job, you will be juggling work and study; in addition, you may also be trying to fit in attending a society, visiting the gym and joining friends at university-organised events. Start to prioritise your daily tasks by using a diary (written or online - choose the method that suits you) and allocate time slots to your study around your work shifts and hobbies. To ensure your time is used wisely, set a goal and assign objectives for each study slot. An example of a goal could be to complete a written assignment 3 days before the deadline, and so the objectives are the tasks you need to complete prior to this deadline to achieve your goal, E.G. visit the library four weeks before deadline, prepare draft paper two weeks prior etc. When starting this new process for your study time, remember to be realistic, try to avoid distractions and adapt your schedule to make it effective for you.

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Taking a Career Break

There may be many reasons for deciding to take a career break, but ultimately there is more free time to seek skills that intrigue and excite you. Discover a hobby or job that you would love to try, and research how you can start. Here at Unitemps, we offer temporary vacancies and internships in a range of industries – so you could get paid whilst learning a new skill*!

Perhaps a career break was unforeseen due to redundancy. This could be a particularly stressful time, so it might prove beneficial to start the year with a list of positive actions. You may need to decide if you want to remain in your chosen industry or try something new. You could begin by researching careers where your skills are easily transferable, or highlighting careers you might enjoy and see what your CV needs to include. If you are looking to remain in the industry, research competitors, vacancies available and the distance away from home if you are happy to travel.

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Looking after a young family

When starting a family, you may feel that you need to step away from your career – but that isn’t so! Ask your Line Manager about the possibilities of job shares and part-time work. Prepare for this discussion by setting out what you would like to achieve in the short term and why it is required; for example, juggling the responsibilities of workload and childcare.

If you have taken a career break to look after a young family but would like to start working again this year, that is certainly a goal that Unitemps can help make possible for you. We offer temporary and flexible jobs to fit around your personal requirements. Start researching vacancies available, update your CV and brush up on interview questions.

Considering new options

If your career is impacting on your wellbeing, you may be considering changing your career path this year. It is okay to feel that the career you intended to set upon is not for you. Your experience may have helped you realise the skills that you enjoy using and what area you would like to venture towards. Make it your goal to find ways to gain new skills and experience to help reach a final decision that it is the correct pathway for you. This could be achieved by finding voluntary work or internships – perhaps networking on LinkedIn and connecting with members currently working in your area of interest could also help you decide.

Whatever you choose to do, the New Year is the perfect time to start!

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