Person Bio:
I graduated from Plymouth University in 2015 and started working in marketing a few months later. Unfortunately, this role fell through and I didn’t really find my feet again for the next 24 months. It can really be tough after graduation to know what suits you and there is so much out there. I worked in various roles and even in a secondary school. I knew I wanted to work in the marketing sector, but I also wanted the chance to work with students and have that rewarding feeling of working with people.

Why did you start temping through Unitemps? 
I was keen to move into the Higher Education sector so I could get that balance again of a marketing and person-centred role. All my experience was in the private sector so I kept getting pushed back due to lack of experience. Unitemps offered me the chance to gain experience in the sector and a stepping stone into marketing in HE. There was also a degree of flexibility too, I knew if I wasn’t happy I could easily move on to other roles and go back to the private sector.

What kinds of roles have you taken on in your temping career through Unitemps? 
I worked at Warwick Law School as a Web Officer.

How did the flexibility of temping help you? 
It’s strange because everyone says to you when you’re a temp you need to find a permanent role or something more secure. I never felt that way, the flexibility of temping really worked for me. A couple of weeks into working at the Law School I was offered another temp role at Coventry University, which was a longer contract and a higher salary. The flexibility of temping allowed me to take that opportunity and move on quite quickly in order to take the new role in a short time-frame. The skills I gained from both these roles helped me gain my permanent role back at Warwick a few months later.

If you could give temps one piece of advice, what would it be? 
Don’t be put off by the time-frames of roles. Especially when you’re just starting out. Everything you do leads to something else. An afternoon at the Law School editing pages on Warwick’s website (with the help of the lovely IT manager who works there) opened up my understanding to web development and since I have re-developed and launched areas of my department’s area of the website in my current role. 

It also meant that I improved my communication skills in interviews and built up a greater understanding of the needs of different teams. Temping means you see the inside working of many different organisations. So I learnt how to adapt myself quickly to different roles and organisation needs, which you don’t get if you stay in the same role for extended periods of time.

What are you doing now?
I work in the Centre for Lifelong Learning as a Web and Communications Co-ordinator at the University of Warwick. Part of my role is also working and allocating work to student ambassadors in the Centre, who are registered through Unitemps. So I feel like I’ve gone full circle, from working with Unitemps myself to now working with a team who work with us via Unitemps.