The Benefits of Unitemps For Mature Students.

Studying for a degree later in life can be daunting, and when you add financial concerns, it can prevent many potential mature students from even considering further studies. Whilst there are student loans, grants and occasionally bursaries available for mature students, depending on circumstances, these often only cover the basics and leave little for anything extra. The worry of maintaining a home, supporting a family, paying fees and buying course materials can overwhelm the most dedicated of learners. These stresses often result in mature students leaving courses halfway through in order to return to full-time employment. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Unitemps offer a wide range of flexible temporary posts, often on a long-term basis, which can really help mature students support their families whilst continuing their studies. Many higher education courses require attendance on 2 or 3 days of the week, leaving space for part-time work. During the term breaks, weekends, and over the long summer holidays, mature students can commit to longer assignments or even hold 2 or 3 different Unitemps roles to make up full-time hours and pay. This will not only increase finances, but you will also gain employability skills to add to your CV, which will significantly help when you are looking for your first graduate role.

If you have concerns about juggling work, study and other commitments, and fear you may fall behind with your course work, remember that mature students often have considerable life skills that younger students have yet to learn, including time management and prioritisation, which could prove invaluable around deadlines and exams when younger students might be panicking. Returning to education after a considerable gap can test your confidence, but with the assurance of knowing you can still support yourself and your family, you can gain the qualification you desire to boost your career prospects and build a CV showing your employability skills at the same time.

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