Martin Doolan – Student Testimonial

Unitemps is a great way to build your CV with real work experience alongside your studies, as well as earn some extra money. With flexible hours and a range of different roles, working through Unitemps will help you develop your personal and professional skills.

Hear from Martin Doolan below who has done just that. He’s worked at our Warwick branch for 3 years alongside his apprenticeship and is now a first year student at LJMU studying Quantity Surveying. He’s looking forward to working with Unitemps at our new LJMU branch during term time, and then continuing to work back at Warwick over summer. 

How did you hear about Unitemps?

I first heard about Unitemps through a friend at sixth form who had already been working there for quite some time. I decided to apply for a role at the Warwick branch as it was very flexible and allowed me to work and earn money in tangent with studying.

How have you found working with Unitemps?

I’ve worked for Unitemps for 3 years and I can say that I’ve really enjoyed working through them. I’ve made many friends who I regularly keep in contact with. Whilst working with Unitemps my confidence in myself and my abilities to work efficiently have vastly improved and it has helped me mature as a person. The ability to have permanent and temporary contracts is a brilliant idea, as it allows for flexible working in a variety of different fields which helps students to get valuable work experience.

How do you feel about a Unitemps branch opening at LJMU?

The idea of a Unitemps branch opening in LJMU is exciting for me as an LJMU student. It’ll give me the opportunity to transfer skills I’ve already learnt through Unitemps to other contracts. It’ll also allow other LJMU students who’ve not heard of or encountered Unitemps before to use the service and network into new roles and develop themselves further too.

Unitemps has branches at 18 universities across the UK and Australia, and we’re very much looking forward to our LJMU branch being fully operational. We’re committed to helping students, graduates and those local to our branches find roles they enjoy, and that work around their schedules.

If you’d like to find a job which works around you like Martin did, then register at our website and start browsing the opportunities available at your local branch, wherever that may be.