Candidate Testimonial, Mariah Loukou – Research and Enterprise Policy Officer, City Graduate, Former Unitemps employee

I was in my second year of an undergraduate degree and I desperately wanted to find a job. I tried applying in shops, stores, real estate agencies but nothing worked! One hot summer day, I was on campus and I decided to stop by Careers. There I met Kate and long story short, she gave me my first job. I started working for Unitemps in 2012. I was involved in so many different activities that someone asked me if I had a twin sister! I was everywhere!

Unitemps allowed me to study while earning money and allowed me to be on campus while gaining valuable employability skills that guaranteed my first full-time job. From helping out in graduation ceremonies to giving campus tours to prospective students and their parents, from calling up graduates to covering the reception desk, to greeting highly esteemed guests in the Vice-Chancellor dinner, Unitemps gave me the opportunity to learn how departments like Marketing, Careers and the Student Centre worked. But most importantly, it gave me a work family and helped me create a diverse career in higher education.

I can share many positive stories about my time with Unitemps, but I want to leave you with one thought. As students, we have a very specific idea of what we want to do and where we want to go career-wise. Some of you will follow exactly the path you have in mind, some of you won’t. But whatever you end up doing, Unitemps you will give you transferable skills that you can use at any time. Grab the opportunity today! You never know when you will need these skills!