Learn the lingo: business jargon explained - A-Z

Once you have settled in to your role within an organisation, you will start to notice certain buzzwords that are used time and time again: soon you will be 'reaching out' instead of contacting and 'thinking outside the box' rather than simply coming up with new ideas. We have collated some of the best buzzwords that we will be publishing weekly in a handy A-Z guide.

Action this/that

We don't just complete a task or simply 'do' something - it's all about putting plans into action hence the phrase; please 'action' this.

At the end of the day

This one is used to communicate the inevitability of an event and people often use it as a way of saying what will be will be. The more it is used, however, the more it seems to lose its original meaning and it is often added to the end of a sentence needlessly; cue lots of frustrating meetings.


You may have heard this one being used to describe the coming together of departments. It is increasingly emphasised that business teams' work should overlap in order to work towards shared goals. A classic example is the phrase 'sales-marketing alignment' which refers to the process of those two business areas joining.


This phrase is normally used to denote increasing the volume but is used in the business world to suggest making something bigger or improving it. Originally used to describe how messages on social media are shared, 'amplify' is now cemented as one of the latest buzzwords to have captured professionals' attention.

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