Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: R-T


Many industries are having to adapt to the instant gratification users and customers are used to in the digital age. Therefore' real-time' interaction and engagement are very important in giving customer's what they want, for example, in dealing with customer complaints via Twitter.

Example: Using Twitter, let's provide responses to our customers in real-time and engage in a conversation.


Return on Investment, often abbreviated to ROI, is commonly used to measure performance and refers to the benefits gained from an investment.

Example: 'We have seen high levels of engagement on our paid social media campaign so we've seen a good return on investment.'


A scalable project is a project that has the potential to grow.

Example: 'The project I'm giving you is certainly scalable; you might want to extend the deadline to give some leeway.'


Working together to a achieve a stronger result.

Example: 'It would be great to emphasise the synergies between Science and the Arts'

Thought leader

Everyone wants to be a thought leader but before you put it in your CV, ask yourself whether you truly are a leading voice on a particular subject.

Example: I have been attempting to position myself as a bit of a thought leader in the recruitment world by starting a series of LinkedIn posts about the issues in the recruitment sector.

Touch base

Another way of saying 'catch up' or to check in with somebody and be brought up-to-date.

Example: 'I'm just calling to touch base after our meeting last week...'

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