Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: O-Q

Outside the box

In an idea brainstorming session, thinking 'outside the box' is code for thinking outside the conventional parameters we are usually faced with to come up with a unique and inspiring idea. 

Example: Come on, we need something inspirational – think outside the box please. 

On the map 

Putting an idea, product or business 'on the map' is essentially making it well-known, ensuring everyone can find it and making it a destination everyone else wants to get to - metaphorically speaking.  

Example:  After this conference, our brand will be put on the map. 


'Ping' mimics the sound you hear when you've received a message through e-mail, Skype or text and so people often use it when talking about communicating. 

Example: I'm just going to ping you over an e-mail to explain. 


To park an issue is to temporarily set it aside to deal with it later. 

Example: I think we should park this deal until after tomorrow's meeting as we should know more by then.


If you hear people discussing their business' performance during Quarter 4, they are referring to the four 'quarters' of the year made up of three months per quarter. 

Example: That product must be released in Q 4 to take advantage of the Christmas shopping period.

Quick win 

A quick win is an achievement accomplished within a short frame of time based on acting within a small window of opportunity. 

Example: Let's get a quick win on the negative press coverage of our competitor and publish a story about how we differ.

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