Learn the lingo - business jargon explained: L-N


More and more people are using the word leverage to describe using something to their advantage in order to drive profits.  Your leverage is simply something that makes getting to an end result a whole lot easier. 

Example: Let's leverage our bloggers to produce content that will convert our customers' web browsing into a sale. 

Low-hanging fruit 

Goals or objectives that are simple to achieve I.e. you can simply reach out and grab it. 

Example: 'I'm sorry that these first tasks are a bit dull but I thought it'd be better to start with the low-hanging fruit.' 

Make it happen 

Ever need to empower yourself? Get into a positive frame of mind and tell yourself you will 'make this happen'. On the down side, if you are giving an instruction to simply make something happen, it's probably better to be more specific.  

Example: We are on a tight schedule but we need to make it happen. 


If you are a millennial, you are part of Generation Y, born between the 1980s and 1990s. The stereotype of millennials is a young adult who is up to date with digital trends and technology and is often seen as entitled and self-absorbed. Unfortunately, people can tend to simplify this audience and think of all young people through a set of defined characteristics. 

Example: I think our product appeals primarily to millennials. 

Ninth inning 

An inning is a unit of play, usually in baseball, where players play for nine 'innings' – hence why the phrase is commonly used to describe a tense situation near the end of an event.  

Example: Our client has signed a new contract at the ninth inning. 


A no-brainer is a decision that requires absolutely no thinking about; the right path is obvious, usually because there are benefits attached to it. 

Example: Our decision to merge with a larger corporation was a no-brainer for us as we were able to reap the rewards of being associated with such a successful company.

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