Learn the lingo - business jargon explain: E - H

Once you have settled into your role within an organisation, you will start to notice certain buzzwords that are used time and time again: soon you will be 'reaching out' instead of contacting and 'thinking outside the box' rather than simply coming up with new ideas. We have collated some of the best (or worst) buzzwords that we will be publishing in a handy A-Z guide.


Writing and brand language consultancy firm The Writer have named 'ecosystem' in the top three business buzzwords of 2016. It is used a lot in technology to describe how numerous systems work together. It makes sense but seems strange to compare business functions and roles to the food chain.

Example: 'our communications team handles an online ecosystem of blogs, videos and social media.'

Face time

Can we not just say 'let's meet in person?' It speaks volumes about how digital communications have taken over that we have to set aside time to talk or meet face-to-face.

Example: 'Thanks for sending over that proposal. Shall we grab some face time later to discuss?'

Game changer

A game-changer can be a product, invention, or idea but, crucially, is something that is going to overhaul industry practice and change how markets compete.

Example: 'This product is a game-changer, it is going to revolutionise how we think about shopping'

Growth hacking

Coined by Sean Ellis in 2010 to identify what he saw as a new way of working when trying to market a start-up business. It is a hugely trendy term and often misunderstood; what is clear is that it refers to finding groundbreaking ways to grow a business in simple terms.

Example: 'We need growth hackers to get our business off the ground.'

Hit the ground running

Many of us will have been told we need to 'hit the ground running' at some point; the assumption is that it encourages us to go into a project with the enthusiasm and pace we felt at that inspirational meeting. Arguably, you should be looking at any new positive idea like this and approach it with that enthusiasm –it goes without saying - but this is one of those phrases that just won't unstick.

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