Unitemps La Trobe - Clients and Hiring Managers 

At La Trobe, we’re committed to developing our students to be career ready from day one. This means our students not only have the technical expertise but are passionate, resilient, collaborative and innovative. 

Unitemps La Trobe gives you access to a large network of flexible and talented students and graduates spanning a wide range of degrees, specialisations and skills. 

Whether it’s a casual or part-time position, short-term work assignment or a paid internship, our dedicated team can assist you with your staffing needs. 

As a university-owned recruitment agency, our expert team is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality end-to-end service. 

Our office will operate from our Melbourne (Bundoora) campus, with our students and graduates spread across Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Mildura and Shepparton.

Unlike commercial competitors, we’re service-driven and prioritise client experience over sales targets. Our staff do not work on commission with all profits re-invested back into the University and our students.  

Contact us to discuss your staffing requirements.

Email: unitemps@latrobe.edu.au


Trobe Payroll Dates for 2018


Timesheet Submission Deadline

Pay Date


Sunday 31st December 2017

Sunday 14th January 2018

Friday 5th January 2018

Friday 19th January 2018


Sunday 28th January  

Sunday 11th February

Friday 2nd February

Friday 16th February


Sunday 25th February

Sunday 11th March

Sunday 25th March

Friday 2nd March

Friday 16th March

Friday 30th March


Sunday 8th April

Sunday 22nd April

Friday 13th April

Friday 27th April


Sunday 6th May

Sunday 20th May

Friday 11th May

Friday 25th May


Sunday 3rd June

Sunday 17th June

Friday 8th June

Friday 22nd June


Sunday 1st July

Sunday 15th July

Friday 6th July

Friday 20th July


Sunday 29th July

Sunday 12th August 

Sunday 26th August

Friday 3rd August

Friday 17th August

Friday 31st August


Sunday 9th September

Sunday 23rd September

Friday 14th September

Friday 28th September


Sunday 7th October

Sunday 21st October

Friday 12th October

Friday 26th October


Sunday 4th November

Sunday 18th November

Friday 9th November

Friday 23rd November


Sunday 2nd December

Sunday 16th December

Sunday 30th December

Friday 7th December

Friday 21st December

Friday 4th January 2019